Welcome to our Learning at Home Page

You will be aware that the Government has announced the closure of all schools in the UK from the 5th January 2020, in it’s latest response to managing the current rise in cases of the coronavirus. This means that from this date the school will be closed and children should remain at home until further notice.

Our best wishes go to those who are currently unwell or self-isolating, as well as those managing the changes and challenges that we are again all facing as families.

Following our experiences last Spring and Summer, the team at Haytor View are now using a range of tools to support your children’s learning and development activities at home. These include using this page to share suggested activities, as well as more developed tools such as Google Classroom and its associated tools, together with more simple means of communication such as email and the telephone. Dependent upon your child’s age and stage of development their learning leader will use a range of approaches that we hope will be straightforward for you to access – they may sometimes be more straightforward for children to access than parents !

On the links from this page you will be able to access information from your child’s teacher which we hope will guide you through the experiences on offer. This information may be updated regularly or indeed the tools, such as Google Classroom, that it refers to will be updated.

Either way you will have access to opportunities for learning, updated daily, to engage you and your child while at home together. It is important to understand that while these activities will be tailored to your child’s needs and that we would be keen for you to engage with them, these are not activities that we ‘expect’ to be completed, but activities which you can choose from should you wish.

In the face of so much change and uncertainty everyone in their homes, including our children, will be experiencing a range of feelings. These feelings are genuine and important to recognise and respect. They may see children keen to take part in particular activities one day or week, and less keen on another. As parents, you are best placed to sense what is best for your child, their well- being and the well-being of the rest of your family. Be assured that we believe that any decisions that you make to engage or not engage your children in any activities suggested, are the right ones for you and for them – as long as you are doing what feels right to your child and your family.

We would always encourage parents to avoid ‘battling’ to get children to engage with tasks or activities that don’t appeal at any given time. Children will appreciate consideration of their feelings and it may lead them to feel more comfortable coming to them at some point in the future. Be assured that you know what is best for your child. It is this approach which will saw all of our children return successfully to school following the last school closure – and will see them return again, happy and ready to learn.

If you face any particular challenges accessing or understanding these activities please get in touch with us. It is likely that your child’s teacher will be on the school site each day, so pick up the phone (01626 203040), drop us a message via School Gateway or Google Classroom, or send an email to admin@haytorview.devon.sch.uk. Getting in touch always makes us feel better.

Take care and look after each other. You know where we are if you need us.


if If there are parts of your remote learning that need to be sent back to your teacher, or you want to share your experiences with your teacher, please use this form to send it. Fill in your name, an email address we can reach you at, and choose your class from the dropdown menu. You can upload your remote learning files by dragging them into the area marked by the dotted lines, or by clicking on the “Select files” button. Feel free to send in texts, photos or pdf’s. If you’re working with pen and paper, take a photograph of your work and send that in. If you want to leave a message you can do that underneath. When you’re done all you need to still do is check the “I’M NOT A ROBOT” checkbox (unless you are a robot, of course) and then press the Send button. Your Remote Learning will be sent to your class teacher.  Fields with an * are compulsory.