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Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

News archive

Daisi Creative Writing Project

On Tuesday, Tanya and Ruby from Daisi, worked with a group of children making animations.  The children discussed what their stories would be about and made a storyboard.  The children used plasticine to make their characters come to life.  They created a back drop and filmed the stories.  They are looking forward to Tanya and Ruby returning to finish their filming and showing the class their amazing stories.

Multiplication Learning

Year 4 have been working hard to master their times tables. This has seen the children supporting one another to learn their different tables. The children have been enjoying using Times Table Rock Stars and earning certificates as they progress through the different stages.

Striking and Fielding Festival at Newton Abbot College

On Tuesday, year 3 went to Newton Abbot College and took part in a Striking and Fielding festival.  They were joined by other schools in our Newton Abbot learning community.  They spent time practising the skills of Dartmoor 3 Ball before playing mini games in mixed school teams.

All the children had a fantastic time, showed amazing sportsmanship and were great ambassadors for Haytor View!

“It was fun!” – Eris and Logan

“It felt calm.” – Ronnie

“I found it challenging at times.” – Ruby

“It was getting harder as the activities went on but I did it!” – Oliver

“The mini games were fun at the end.” – Alfie.D.

“I enjoyed it!” – Samuel.G.

“It was tiring but fun.” – Olga

“It was challenging hitting the ball with the bat.” – Georgiana

“Some activities were easy and some were hard.” – Remy


Easter Craft

We had great fun on our Easter craft afternoon!

We spent time with our family and friends creating decorations for Easter weekend.


World Book Day 2024

We had an amazing day on Thursday celebrating World Book Day.  Thanks to the efforts of parents and carers, the children came in dressed as their favourite book characters and looked AMAZING!  We had lots of well-known characters and some we were curious to find out more about.

Year 2 and 3 joined throughout the day to share their stories.  Year 2 wowed Year 3 with their performance of the ‘The Highway Rat.’






Haytor View Music Festival 2024

Following on from the Torbay Music Festival, we decided to have our own Music Festival at Haytor View.  This saw performances from across Years 2 – 6.  It was an amazing opportunity for the children to take great pride in showcasing their musical talents.  We feel this will be the first, in a long line of  annual Haytor View Music Festivals!




Talking Turns – Poetry and Writing

Over the week, the children engaged in drama based activities to support the development of their writing.  The children worked with Michael from Paddleboat Theatre to immerse and familiarise themselves in the poetry by Grace Nichols – Paint Me a Poem.  They learnt, acted and hot seated characters from a variety of poems.  The children then wrote their own poetry elicitation task.

So much learning and fun!

We are continuing to enjoy so many activities with many learning opportunities and chances to wonder together whilst talking about our thoughts in both our nursery and reception classes.

The reception children are developing their phonic skills ,writing skills and early mathematical skills during small group times and having a fantastic time exploring and extending their skills as they explore the continuous provision both inside and outside.

The nursery children have helped settle new children who joined our setting in Janaury 2024 and keenly embraced lots of learning opportunities. These included bringing in baby photos and talking about the things they can do now compared to when they were babies. The addition of real baby items really enhanced the role play. We have continued to enjoy some PE sessions and forest school times. Throughout the nursery sessions adults play with the children and find ways to develop children’s areas of interest; which has included clay work, painting activities and tough tray provision.

Gymnastics impact day

Year 4 took part in a gymnastics impact day with Miss Brown from Newton Abbot College. The children experienced using different equipment and learned to play ‘the floor is lava’ on the wall bars. The class learned how to roll, stretch and jump on and off spring boards, benches and vaults.

WCET Instrumental Sessions

This term, year 4 are having music lessons with Kip, our peripatetic music teacher.  They are learning to play the ukuleles and had their first lesson on Wednesday. On Friday 1st March the children will be showcasing their musical talents at the Torbay Music Festival.  More information to come.