Year 3/4 Base 2


World Book Day 2020

Wow, what a fantastic World Book Day we had!  The children all brought in a range of great books and we enjoyed sharing them.  A huge thank you goes to parent and carers for supporting their children in dressing up to make this day extra special.   

Oscar is a really good reader. (Lennon Y4)

I enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes. (Charlie Y4)

I liked reading with Ryland and Kallum because I got to know about the books they were both reading. (Amelia Y3)

My partner asked me really good questions about my book.  (Jaymie-Jo Y4)

Our favourite books to read are books about football. (Tyler Y4 and Lewis Y2)

I enjoyed listening to Mason’s jokes. (William Y4)

We worked really well together, sharing books. (Alyscia-Jane Y4 and Lia Y2)

We thought Gangsta Granny was really funny! (Kieran Y4, Jack Y2 and Isabelle Y2)

My partner thanked me for reading with them. (Zack Y4)

I enjoyed sharing my book because Skylar listens well. (Skylar Y3 and Lara Y2)

I enjoyed sharing my Harry Potter book with Sienna. (Natalie Y4)

We enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes. (Leon Y4 and Mary Y2)


We enjoyed playing a game of Where’s Wally with Mr Franklin. (Bradley Y4 and Mark Y2)


Life Education

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th February saw us welcoming the ‘Life Education Bus’ to Haytor View.  During the two days, each class had the opportunity to take part in activities linked to understanding their bodies, health and keeping safe.  Parents also had the opportunity to gain a little bit of an insight to what went on.  This was a good opportunity for parents to support their child in developing their understanding.  We look forward to welcoming ‘Life Education’ back next year.

“I enjoyed seeing Harold again.”

“I learnt that the liver gets rid of poisonous food.”

“I enjoyed learning about the body; I learnt lots of things!”

“”I learnt about what food is good to eat.”

“I enjoyed learning about the parts of the body on Tam.”

“I learnt lots about our brains.”

“I learnt about compromise.  Harold and Derek comprised when they sang with each other.”

“I learnt that the liver does 500 different jobs.”

Healthy snacks

‘ We’re enjoying healthy snacks at break time.’

SSP Gymnastic festival

Year 3/4 Base 2 had a fantastic time at the SSP Gymnastic festival. They learnt lots of new skills and worked with different children from other schools. They demonstrated great
sportsmanship and are looking forward to developing these skills during their PE sessions at school.

“I enjoyed it. I learnt how to do a shoulder stand.” Natalie

“I like using the spring board.” Lennon and Skylar

“I learnt how to do the crab position.” Talia

“I noticed that everyone gave it a go and tried.” Leon

“I enjoyed working with the leader Jake.” Finley

“I was challenged.” Kallum

Chinese New Year

To celebrate and learn about the Chinese New Year, Esme from West End in Schools came to Haytor View. All classes, from foundation stage to year 6, learnt the story of Chinese New Year and choreographed a dance. We all really enjoyed the experience.

“I liked the firework move.” Grace

“I enjoyed being a dragon.” Kallum

“I enjoyed learning about the different animals.” Samir

“I enjoyed listening to the story of the Chinese New Year and the race” Darcie

“I liked listening to the the music.” Natalie

What a great thing to see in Our Hub.

I’ve just walked through the hub and could not help be impressed by the way the Year 3/4 base 2 class and Year 1 class were working together on their reading.

The older children were doing an amazing job of hearing the younger children read and then asking them questions about their texts. It was a really purposeful yet energised atmosphere and I’m glad I got to experience it.

Iain Franklin

KS 1 Phase Leader

Tesco’s Choir

On Thursday 5th December the choir sang at Tesco’s in Newton Abbot. It was a fantastic, but nervous experience singing to such a large amount of people. They all did extremely well spreading festive cheer whilst people were shopping. Members of the public commented on how amazing the choir sounded. A massive thank you also goes to parents, carers and friends who came to Tesco to support the choir in this event. May it be first of many!

Christmas Performance Costumes

Dear Parent/Carer,

It’s Christmas! – KS2 Christmas Performance 2019

This year our Christmas production is ‘It’s Christmas!’ and your child is taking part in the performance.  To help us with this we would be very grateful if you could provide the following costume for your child, dependent on their character:

  • Don Kee – Donkey Outfit/Onesie
  • Animal 1, 2 and 3 – Animal Outfit/Onesie
  • Audience – Festive Party Outfit

Please can all costumes, with clearly marked names, be in school by Monday 2nd December for our dress rehearsal.  If you have any issues providing your child with a costume please see me as soon as possible.

Your child has been given song and script words (if they have a speaking part) as part of their home learning.  These need to be learnt in time for our dress rehearsal.  Please can you support your child in learning these.

Many thanks for your support.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Cousins

A Prehistoric Day at Torquay Museum

On Thursday 14th November, year 3 and 4 went to Torquay Museum for a Prehistoric Day. We had lots of fun learning about different prehistoric times and dressing up in cavemen outfits.

‘I enjoyed holding the bone and making the clay pots.’

‘I learnt that the big fossil is an ammonite.’

‘I enjoyed looking at everything.’

‘I learnt that people use to have big noses to breath in cold air and made it warm.’

‘I enjoyed learning about our ancestors.’

‘I enjoyed doing observational drawing.’

Year 3/4 Hi 5 Netball Festival

On the last day of the half term, Year 3/4 Base 2 had a fantastic time at the South Dartmoor School Sports Partnership Netball Festival.  We played friendly matches between lots of different schools.  The children demonstrated great sportsmanship and are looking forward to developing these skills during their PE sessions at school.

“I gave everyone a hi 5 at the end of the match.”

“I enjoyed dribbling with the ball.”

“I enjoyed making friends from other schools.”

“We were doing different activities on a course; I enjoyed that.”

“I enjoyed training on the ladders and being taught by the children from Newton Abbot College.”