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Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Year 3


Nursery Rhyme Week

We had a great time joining with Foundation Stage for Nursery Rhyme week.  Each class performed a rhyme they had been learning.  Year 3 performed ‘Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.’  Both classes then sang some rhymes together and learnt new ones too!

“I like joining in with the actions with the foundation children,” Lydia

“It was fun singing with other children,” Grace

“I enjoyed singing with family and friends,” Lola

Class Trip to Torquay Museum

Our history learning this term life through the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age.  We went on a school trip to Torquay Museum to look around the museum and engage in a ‘meet the ancestors’ workshop run by the museum education team where we  Step back in time and discover how the earliest humans lived from over 800,000 years ago to the present.  Learn about climate change and how it affected the people who lived here and come face to face with some of the animals that roamed the area, including mammoths and hyenas.’

We had such a great time exploring the museum, making clay pots, cave painting and looking at the artefacts!

“I enjoyed looking at the Stone Age objects,” Grace

“They have a special needle to sew their cuts up if they hurt themselves,” Kyla

“I enjoyed touching the Rhino skull,” Jaygo

“I like the table in the Stone Age room; it has lots of things to explore and look at,” Harry

“I enjoyed exploring the museum,” Phoebe


Year 3 School Councillors!

Year 3 are proud to announce their newly elected school councillors, Miley and Keaton.

Congratulations to you both.  You will do a great job representing and being a voice for our class!

States of Matter

This half term our science learning is States of Matter.  We have begun to explore particles in solids, liquids and gasses.  We are thinking about what this might look like.

World Mental Health Day 2022

On Monday 10th October, years 3 and 4 learned about World Mental Health Day. The classes looked at the Normal Magic website to watch a video which explained what good mental health is and how the children can look after themselves.

The children then split into small groups to write 10 activites they would do which would allow them time to look after their mental wellbeing by ‘taking 10’.

The children then sat in groups to take 10 by sharing their books with one another.

If you would like any more information about the Take 10 approach or to visit the Normal Magic Webiste follow this link https://www.normalmagic.co.uk/resources/10-a-day-2/


This half term we have been learning about weaving and its history.  We have been exploring objects that have been woven and looking at the patterns.  First, we practised weaving using paper before we moved onto wool.  It was quite intricate!

Making Muscles

This week in Year 3 we have been learning about how muscles work together with our bones to help us move.  First we made bones out of card and then we used elastic bands for our muscles.  We found out that without the elastic muscles our bones couldn’t move.

Year 3 Meet the Skeletons

Year 3 spent a fun morning investigating skeletons and finding out why animals, including humans, need them. The fun started with Mrs Russell becoming a life sized skeleton and a fun class skeleton dance!  We named the bones in the human body and found out fascinating facts. Did you know babies have more bones than adults?

Shared Reading with our Families

On Tuesday afternoons at 2:45 the children of years 3 and 4 share their reading books with their families. As the children’s grown ups arrive they can hear their child read and often the child’s thoughts about their book. Afterwards the grown ups have 10 mintues with their child’s class teacher to ask any questions about the reading books set, how to support their child’s reading and any other questions which spring to mind.

The children love to share their books with their grown ups and the excitiment beforehand is amazing.

Please feel welcome to come and spend time with your child and their reading book on Tuesdays at 2:45.

Here are some photographs from Tuesday 27th September.

Roald Dahl Day 2022

On 13th September years 3 and 4 celebrated the life and work of Roald Dahl. The children looked at authors who write their books in carefully designed garden sheds. The classes spent time designing their ideal creative shed spaces to inspire their writing. The children watched videos of Roald Dahl and Cressida Cowell talking about their creative writing sheds. The links for these videos are available at the bottom of this post.

Here are some of the amazing creative writing sheds the children designed.

Cressida Cowell

Roald Dahl


For more information about Roald Dahl Day please use this link https://www.awarenessdays.com/awareness-days-calendar/roald-dahl-story-day-2022/