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Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Year 5


Sports Day

‘I really enjoyed the years 5 and 6 hurdles race…even though the year 6s beat us by one point!’ Archie W

‘I really enjoyed the racing! I felt like I kept up with my friends (until I forgot about the cones)! It was great fun though.’ Leo B

‘It was great how we all worked together.’ Aaliyah H

Everyone was supporting their team, no matter what.’ William C

“My favourite part was cheering on year 6 as well as year 5” Precious P

Just Wow…

This is the moment that Archie spotted Aaliyah’s Optical Illusion Art!

Our Class story

‘The Weather Weaver is the story that we have been reading as a class. We have really enjoyed it so far and we can’t wait to see what happens next!’

‘Stella is the main character. Sher meets a woman called Tamar. She told Stella to go and catch a cloud. The cloud gets angry at Grandpa and gives him a lightning bolt of happiness.’





In the story, the rainbow flowers show the truth through their colours.

Our Learning so far…

Since returning to school, we have really focussed on how we are feeling and how we are managing those feelings. We have all been through a lot of change in our lives and that can feel both comfortable and uncomfortable. 


We have loved listening to and learning the World Book Day Rap!


How wonderful it has been to be back together!

It felt tickly when Lilly was drawing around my hand in R-time.

Me and Leon were doing handwriting and then we designed the hand. We had a lot of fun.

We are both good learners. We work together. We work as a team.

I was really happy when Mrs Hodgson took a picture and I really liked writing with Lilly.

Meand Leo were on a balcony, we were having some fun. We played a game and I won so I started to dance.

We enjoyed working together as a team. We are all good learners!

We have drawn some posters to remind us how to keep safe in these uncertain times.

I liked working with Shayla and Aaliyah because they both got on with our task and enjoyed being together.

Me and Sophia were doing a helpful poster and we really enjoyed it because we got to learn even more about each other.

I was feeling so happy when this photo was taken! I really like working with my friends again.

Through the holidays and beyond…

Hello all, it is nearly time for the Summer Holidays! I cannot imagine how strange that must feel for you all having been out of school for so long already now.

I would really like to encourage you to relax and enjoy the time off…it is highly unlikely to happen again! There are many lovely mindfulness activities on https://www.cosmickids.com/mindfulness-activities-kids/ (I know the yoga seems young but last week I had every year 5 and 6 child from the Key Worker Provision pretending to be on their surfboards with me!)

Key skills that will best set you up for September are:


  • Knowledge of number bonds to add and subtract quickly and efficiently.
  • Times tables – Fluency in times tables will mean no use of fingers, counting or adding on and being able to name the times tables a particular number is in e.g. knowing that 40 is in the 4s, 10, 5s and 8s.


  • Handwriting – can you read all of your cursive handwriting? Will I be able to?!
  • Spelling – get practising with the 5/6 words list to ensure you know the meaning of each word and can spell them accurately.


  • The BEST thing you can do over the holidays is to read daily. I am looking forwards to hearing about the authors you have enjoyed (the creators of Fortnite and Roblox are not considered an author in my mind!). I will be particularly impressed if you can compare books written by the same author. If you are not currently reading an actual book each day, please start doing so! It will help your reading, writing, talking and understanding of language and is just so important!

Enjoy and keep staying safe,

Miss Shopland

Sports Week

Happy Monday all!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the glorious weather!

This week’s theme is sports. Therefore, I challenge you to make up a new sport/game/activity each day…

Monday: We will be designing an obstacle course in the garden when I get home from work (Arthur is loving climbing at the moment!).

Tuesday: We will be making a target game by drawing targets on the wall (with chalk!!) to see who can get the highest score with 5 throws of a bean bag.

Wednesday: Could be a variation of a water fight…

Thursday: Tennis with saucepans and a ping pong ball (we don’t have any tennis balls left after a recent visit from Stanley!)

Friday: Something beach-related if the weather continues to be so lush. Who can build 5 sandcastles first? Who can find the most crabs? The possibilities are endless…

Literacy tasks for the week:

Monday Comic_strip_template_2 Comic_strip_template_1 CompletetheSpeech

The task sheet is titled Complete the speech and the video explanation can be found here:


Tuesday: Create your own comic strip based on a game/activity you have completed with your family.

Wednesday: Create your own supermove! PLPSSuperMoversSuperCelebration_Challenge

https://plprimarystars.com/home-learning/super-movers-celebration (to watch the video links).

Thursday: Create a mind map describing the feelings you experience when you win or achieve well in a sport/game/activity.

Friday: Think about what is required to win or achieve well in a sport/game/activity. These could be physical things e.g. trainers or emotional things such as resilience and confidence.

Maths tasks for the week:

Your aim is to ensure that you are fluent in all of your times tables before returning to year 6 in September! The best way to ensure this is to practice for just a few minutes EVERY DAY. Times tables are the key to success in many areas of maths and will help you to feel confident in maths lessons, especially when learning new skills and methods.

Here are 5 days of 5 minute times tables tests – these are in the same format as the speedy times table we complete in class. It is up to you whether you see how many you can complete in 5 minutes or see how long it takes you to complete them all. The answers are on the second page…no cheating!

multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 5 multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 4 multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 3 multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 2 multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 1

Topmarks maths website has some excellent times tables games as does timestables.co.uk

I also love using chalk outside to practice my times tables when the weather is nice. This is definitely one to get parents involved with – maybe you could get to squirt someone with a water pistol each time you get a correct answer? 

Give me a call or an email if you need anything, I look forwards to seeing lots of you at the parent meetings next week, 

Miss Shopland




Words Words Words


This week’s theme is all about words. Your understanding of vocabulary is important (often vital) in everything you do, from chatting with your neighbour to reading instructions on an online game, to completing maths tasks.



Go to: https://authorfy.com/10minutechallenges/

Watch the National Writing Day 1 10 minute challenge set by Laura Dockrill. Laura’s theme is choice and voice and focusses on writing about a memory you have of a special day. You could then share your memory in our Zoom call if you want to!

Spelling: Find the definition and synonyms of unidentified.

When you are confident about what the word means, learn to spell it! (Pyramids, word bubbles, coloured in, chunk it up, in a sentence, look – cover-write-check)

Maths: Have a go at a speedy times table. I recommend practising the times tables you are not yet completely confident at before starting the grid. It is entirely up to you whether you do it with a timer or until you have completed it, we work best in different ways!

Topmarks maths has (in my opinion) the best online times tables activities.

Reading: If you have not been reading consistently (at least every other day) you really need to find a book to get into. Reading is THE MOST VALUABLE thing you can be doing at home right now and can be completed just about anywhere and just about any time. I would love to see the books you are currently reading in our next zoom chat.


Literacy: Sticking with the focus of words for this week’s learning suggestions…How about keeping a notebook and pen handy today to record all of the new words you hear across your day? These could be from the television, family members, online…you name it!

If you are not coming across many new words, maybe you could drop some into your conversations and see who notices?! If you are going to try this, here are some suggestions for you:







Grammar and spelling: Ensure you know what the unusual words you have heard/read today mean. Can you think of a synonym to test your understanding?

Then learn to spell the word 😉 

Reading: Please read – that’s it! Find a book you enjoy and get lost in reading.

Maths: I am unable to upload any maths activities for you at the moment due to issues with our website so please keep practising your Times Tables and using Prodigy (I have set some new assessment questions on there to track your progress!)

The challenge is to overtake the current leader on the leadership board…


Literacy: Here are some new words to think about today:






Can you drop them into a conversation?

Can you learn to spell them?

Do you know what they mean? Do you know the antithesis?

Maths: More times tables practice, please!

Reading: I highly recommend The Indigo Flamingo (Page 342 in the Book of Hopes) due to the rather amusing ending!

How about listening to David Walliams today?


Maths: Nrich task https://nrich.maths.org/223/index

The Puzzling sweet shop

This task requires you to apply your 2,3,5 and 7 X tables to find all of the possible combinations. Think about the word systematic when thinking of all the different combinations.

Literacy: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/7-11-years/spelling-and-grammar

Then click on the Points of View Newspaper Article activity. The website then takes you through an activity where you consider how the language used affects the reader (similar to the reading activity from last Thursday). Warning: The website is interactive so it took a little longer than usual to load when I tried it again today.

Spellings:  Choose 10 words at random from the 5/6 spelling list and test a family member! Remember to be kind to your parents!

Reading: Choose three stories/poems/extracts to read from the book of hopes and decide which one you liked the most and why. https://literacytrust.org.uk/family-zone/9-12/book-hopes/

You know the drill by now; contact me if you need ANYTHING!

Miss Shopland