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Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Year 1

KS1 Multi-Sports Festival

Year 1 had lots of fun at the Newton Abbot Sports Festival. Click on the link below to find out more about the experience.


Welcome to the Space Dome

We have had the most exciting morning with our visit from Simon and the Space Dome!

The children had the opportunity to go inside the dome where Simon took us on a journey through Space. Within the Dome the children listened to the planet song  and then travelled to the Moon with Neil Armstrong. We also had a look at the different constellations in the night sky.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the afternoon Simon treated the Year 1s to an additional Dome experience exploring the different phases of the Moon and why the Moon looks like it’s changing each night. We have all  come away inspired!!

“I want to be the first girl on the Moon”

“Where do meteors come from?”

“I want to touch the Moon!”

“WOW! Were we in space?”

The children across years 1-6 had an amazing experience today. We were delighted to be able to welcome Simon from Space Odyssey back to the school after a prolonged absence.

A huge thank you to all of you who supported the Space Dome with your donations. These are hugely appreciated as it would not have been able to happen without you!

The children in year 1 are studying The Moon as their topic focus and so got a first hand, up close view of the Lunar surface, as well as some beautifully presented explanations of how and why we see the phases of the moon. Year 2 are finding out what lies beyond the planet they live on and are exploring the solar system, searching for life and wondering, dreaming, imagining and envisioning their potential futures as members of a species which spreads itself out across the cosmos!

I wonder what we will find out their when we get out there?

Andy Goldsworthy sculptures and temporary art.

Autumn has definitely arrived!

The children have been exploring the artist Andy Goldsworthy and some of the natural sculptures he has created. The children were challenged with using natural objects to create patterns and sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. The class created various swirls and sculpture carefully considering symmetry.

(One of Andy Goldsworthy’s sculptures).

For their home learning, the children were asked to go on an Autumn walk and collect natural materials to create a sculpture. Take a look at some of the children’s fantastic creations. More to be seen in the classroom.


Our End of Half Term Pizza Making!

Look at the state of those hands! Clear evidence of lots of creative fun had. The children have spent the afternoon kneading dough, spreading sauce and sprinkling cheese to create their own pizzas. The children have shared that their pizzas were “tasty”, “delicious” and “very cheesy!”.


Check out our classroom display and talk to your child about: how they made their pizza? What ingredients did they use? What was the best bit about pizza making?


In the moment learning opportunities.

Sometimes, something happens which is just to good an opportunity to miss. Following it up means taking risks, abandoning plans and thinking on your feet, but this is always where and when the best learning happens.

One of the mums came in today with a butterfly farm and asked if we could release them in the garden area. I snapped her hand off! It meant changing the whole afternoon and the plans for tomorrow but it was well worth it!

The two girls gave the class a great presentation on the lifecycle of the butterflies they had reared and then we set them free!

One of those nice little moments that makes you realise why teaching is such a great vocation.


It is so good to be able to assemble again!

We have missed being together!

The children in year 1 and year 2 assembled today to think and share ideas around our whole school focus of ‘Making ourschool community a better place.’ We talked about the word assembly and what it means (Avengers Assemble was a really useful hook!) and how we can use our phonic skills of saying and sounding to write it.

We talked about what kind of school we wanted and decided we wanted a kind school, so shared ideas about what each of us could do to make sure this happened. As we have come to expect, the thoughts and ideas the children came up with were really well considered.

The year 2s wanted to act as role models to the year 1 and so partnered up to share their R-Time listening skills as well as their ideas around what being kind would look like.

I hope I’m able to live up to their example!

KS1 Collaborative Project

As a part of our year 1 transition, the year 1s have been joining forces with the year 2s to create their own number bond teaching games. The year 1s have found out more about what it’s like being a year 2 and asked questions to their year 2 team. KS1 have also come together to create their own number bond games ranging from “Unicorns and Ladders” to matching card games. We have focused on using teamwork and our R-time skills to share ideas and create our games. It has been wonderful seeing the children collaborating and spending time exploring the year 2 space.

Houses Throughout History

In our history learning, the year 1s have been exploring how houses have changed throughout history. We started 2000 years ago in the Iron Age looking at how homes were made without windows using mud straw and wood. The children were surprised to find out that animals, such as sheep also lived in the house too! We also explored Saxon homes and Victorian homes.

We looked closely at Tudor homes and how they were constructed. The children then had a go at planning  their own Tudor homes  as a team. Next, the team worked together to create their own Tudor houses using what they had learned. Once the children had finished their projects, we evaluated the houses and discussed what we would do differently next time.

Medicine making…

Last half term, the children loved reading the book “George’s Marvellous Medicine” and were inspired to create their own medicines and potions. To start with some of the class used different items from our outdoor area such as, grass, mud, leaves, water, flowers… and put them into potions bottles. We also created potions to change the colours of materials in our colour tie dye experiment.

On our final week, we decided to create our own edible potions. The children worked in groups to decide what was going into their smoothie potion. Whilst making the “medicine”, they made decisions about what their medicine would do if someone drank it.

Displaying 5730A55F-D78A-40C0-B979-503CD6098E79.jpeg

Here are some of the children’s ideas:

  • it could make you fly
  • it could make you shrink
  • it could make you dance
  • it could make you melt
  • it could make you whizz

What would your medicine do?

Displaying 802F63D3-5D14-4591-8593-EF4659C81D91.jpeg