Haytor View

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Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Year 6


Haytor View Music Festival 2024

Following on from the Torbay Music Festival, we decided to have our own Music Festival at Haytor View.  This saw performances from across Years 2 – 6.  It was an amazing opportunity for the children to take great pride in showcasing their musical talents.  We feel this will be the first, in a long line of  annual Haytor View Music Festivals!




Torbay Music Festival 2024

It was an absolute honour to see children across Key Stage Two performing at Torbay Music Festival on Friday 1st March. From songs about Haytor View to songs about Watermelons, every performance was a joy to watch and listen to, feeling very personal to our community school.

We wish to thank all parents and carers who were able to attend the event and share in the wonderful experiences.


As a school, we use a learning scheme called Jigsaw Education to support us in delivering the PSHE curriculum. This half term, each class has focussed on Going for Goals in line with our assembly focus. Here are some examples of learning across the school this half-term:


To support your child to reflect on the learning that has taken place over this half term, try asking them some questions about the Goals they have considered in class:

  • What goals have you set at school? • What goal would you like to set for home? • What do you need to do to achieve your goal?

To extend their thinking a little, try asking:

  • How do you feel when something is difficult? • How do you feel when you have achieved a goal?

Whole school Art Project

Last year’s Year 6 children worked with a local artist, Patrice, to produce artwork and poetry that would be used to help cheer up the Pen Inn Roundabout underpasses. Well it’s all been installed and it looks amazing! The people using the underpasses used to look at the floor and frown; now they look at our artwork and smile! The Tunnels of Love project has brightened up the lives of so many local people.

Outdoor learning – Science & Kayaks!

Year 6 visited Decoy Park where we enjoyed a morning with John, the Ranger, finding out about our Science topic of classification. Well, in actual fact, we ended up teaching him quite a lot about plants and animals!
In the afternoon it was time for kayaks: we paddled around, explored and had a brilliant time, thanks to Simon and the team at the Devon Windsurf and Canoe Centre.

Haytor View Writing Day

Year 6 worked alongside our friends from the Foundation Stage to support learning about dragons. We thought about the characteristics of these strange creatures and explored more precise descriptive words.

Torbay Music Festival

On Friday, some of our children took part in the Torbay Music Festival.  They showcased their wonderful composing and performance talents alongside Kip, their music teacher.  They all received medals and certificates for their performances.
We are very proud of their musical talents!

KS2 Handball Festival

Last Monday, all the children in KS2 attended the School Sports Partnership Handball festival at Newton Abbot College.  The children participated in a range of skilled base activities to support them in their development of Handball.  They played alongside children from other schools and was supported by prospected teachers from the college. It was great to get all of our children from years 3 – 6 along to the event. We had a great afternoon and are looking forward to the next one!

Arts Day – Tunnels of Love Project

We had an amazing afternoon learning from Patrice Naiambana yesterday. Patrice is part of the Tunnels of Love project (designed by Newton Abbot Community Interest Company) that will see the underpass/subway area around Pen Inn roundabout become a site for art installations and displays. Our children’s learning will end up as part of those displays! We took part in a drumming workshop to help us listen to the patterns within sentences, then we used this learning to write about our lives – games we enjoy playing, our hobbies and any stories we wanted to put onto paper. Thanks for an amazing afternoon, Patrice!