Year 6


Google Suite

You should already have access to Google Suite – we all practised last term. If it asks you for a class code to finalise your access, use this:


School closure – Remote learning

Hi all.

Hi and good morning everyone. As you will be aware, our school is closed after the Prime Minister’s announcement last night. I am so pleased we managed to have a chat yesterday about what might happen in future – well it happened a bit sooner than we talked about! All of our learning will be presented through Google Suite so head over there now and access the learning that will be shared each day.

The tasks to complete today are:
1. Get your holiday home learning activities finished and ready. They were going to be marked today anyway.
2. Look at the multiplication tables list I gave you yesterday, tick off what you can do on the list then learn the first one you find a bit tricky, in order from left to right. Use the techniques we talked about yesterday to help you.
3. Leave me a message on my post from earlier today on Google Suite saying hi, so I know you can access it.

Either Mr Lee or I will be in touch via telephone today to see if you’re alright. Look after yourself and your family, give them a big cuddle, be good and … I miss you all! Our school is just a building without you. Speak later…

Mr Hankin

Parent / carer chats today!

Parent / carer chats got underway this morning. The weather is beautiful so we are using the playground to meet up. If you booked an appointment, I’ll see you later to talk about what fantastic learners you all are! Be prepared to feel proud!

Mr Hankin


Holiday Maths Challenges from NRICH

Hi all,

During the Summer holidays, the nrich maths website are producing a challenge a day. These aren’t compulsory (you don’t have to do them); they are optional (you can choose to do them if you want). Have a look at them here:


Newton Abbot College Transition

Following this week’s visits by Coombeshead Academy staff to talk with our children about their transition to Coombeshead, we have managed to arrange visits from Newton Abbot College staff next week. Claire Cowan, KS3 Raising Achievement leader, will visit us on Wednesday and Thursday (8th & 9th July) with one of their Heads of House, to discuss transition with groups of children who attend our school on those days. Mr Hankin

Coombeshead Induction day

Hi all,

It was great to meet Mrs Coulson and Mr Emanuel from Coombeshead Academy this week – we all said how it helped us know lots more about going to secondary school. They answered loads of our questions and made us feel excited about going to Coombeshead. They told us about the Induction day which will take place online this year, due to our current Covid situation. Future Coombeshead students will need to be ready to go online at 10am tomorrow – that’s Wednesday 1st July at 10am. They think it should last until lunchtime. You can just watch or you can join in at some points during the session. There are lots of important people to meet so enjoy it!

If your parents/carers can’t find the email from Coombeshead which was sent yesterday, you can follow the link here:


If you can’t follow it, copy and paste it into your address bar, like we did in class over the last couple of days. This is a really important part of the transition process so make sure you are ready just before 10am on Wednesday – that’s TOMORROW!

Mr Hankin

The Station Youth Centre on Zoom!

Each day this week, the children in Year 6 have had the opportunity to take part in a Zoom chat with Alex and Rachel from The Station, a youth club in town. Our children have been asking them all sorts of questions about their transition to secondary school and playing some fun games too. The centre leaders will be sending contact details in to school so your child can continue the fun via Zoom at home. Again, this will need your authorisation first, of course. The transition to secondary school can be quite a tricky journey, so the more opportunities your child has to talk to adults involved in the journey, the better.


Mr Hankin

The Station Youth Centre – permission required please!

Hi Parents/Carers – I hope you are well.

We have managed to arrange a Question and Answer session via Zoom with the Station Youth Centre in Newton Abbot. It will take place during your child’s day in school of the week commencing 22nd June and will give the opportunity to ask any questions about the transition to secondary school. In order for this to happen, you will need to give your consent by filling out an online form here:


The event should really help kick off our efforts to invest in the process of transition and all of the benefits this will bring your child.

Graeme Hankin

Year 6 teacher

Friday 5th June – First Week Back…

First of all – thank you! Thanks for making our first week back together so enjoyable. I had a great time seeing you all again and it sounds like you had a decent time too seeing your friends in school and having a bit of a laugh – oh and doing some learning too! Thank you for following the social distancing rules – I know it can be difficult but you did a great job of sitting apart in class, trying hard to not touch your face and washing your hands thoroughly before and after every transition. It’s tough, I know, but you did it! As a result, you kept yourself and others safe, so thank you and well done!

Thank you again for the attitude to learning you brought to school with you. It’s been tricky being away from school for 10 weeks so you’re bound to forget some things. It was such a great experience for me this week, seeing you lot as great learners recognise where your understanding was a little rusty, then face up to that challenge and accept the fact that you got something wrong and tell yourself that you noted the mistake and didn’t want to let it happen again. That’s what brilliant learners do! You are brilliant learners!

Whichever day you were in school this week with your small group, you did the same learning as the other children who came into school on different days. Home learning activities are the same for you all too. They are as follows:

Maths – the calculation sheet I handed out

Science – Animal classification profiles for two animals of your choice – just like the ones we looked at in class. Kingdom, phylum, class, order etc

History – research education and learning in Ancient Greece

Reading – The First News crossword and comprehension you were given.

Four learning activities for four remote learning days out of school. All of the remote learning opportunities were practised during your contact day in school then you took the activities home in a plastic wallet. Please make sure you have a go at them and bring them in with you next week on your contact day in school. If any parents of the small number of children who didn’t come in, would like a home learning pack for their child, just get in touch via telephone or email with our Office Team. There have been a couple of requests so far and I have made sure the learning pack was ready at the office when the parent/carer pulled up outside.

So enjoy the remote learning activities, have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you again next week. Look after each other and keep yourselves safe,

Mr Hankin

Week beginning 18/05/20 – Mad about Maps!

Monday 18th May

First login to Discovery Education (Espresso) as usual then follow:

Key Stage Two – Geography – Maps & Mapping. Remember this page – it’s our basis for learning today.

Click on ‘What are Maps?’ then watch the video.

Next look at ‘What we can learn from maps’. Follow the colourful buttons on the right through the different activities and answer the questions.

Next return to the ‘Maps & Mapping’ page, click on ‘Create a Village Trail’ and watch all of the videos showing what another school did to create a map.

Finally Go back to the ‘Maps & Mapping’ title page and similar to the last activity, follow the ‘Making a town map’ link to see how other children constructed their map.

My Mam bought me a map when I was 11. I love that map – I’d be lost without it.

That’s it for today. More ‘mapping madness’ tomorrow…

Tuesday 19th May

Today’s website to look at is BBC Bitesize. Look at Key Stage Two Geography here:


then explore all of the links: mapping the world, latitude and longitude, time zones, maps and contours, keys and symbols.

Take your time – you will need these skills to apply to your learning for the rest of the week. Enjoy!

Did you know that the Police force in Yorkshire had all of their maps stolen? They are currently looking for Leeds…

Wednesday 20th May

First up today, have a look here:


Find your house, find our school, then follow your journey to school, noticing all of the landmarks along the way. Next find The Raleigh Estate where we spent time on residential (it’s over the river from the Royal Naval College near Dartmouth.) Find the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. Do you remember walking across Westminster Bridge when we visited there? Get used to seeing all of the symbols you learnt about yesterday. See how many symbols you can find on the map then check your understanding of them.

Next find some other locations that interest you – it could be the BBC Studios or a particular football stadium or even a place you like to visit with your family.

Can you see how the Ordnance Survey maps are different to other maps you have seen? What is the difference between Ordnance Survey maps and Google maps? What about the difference with Google Earth? Write your observations down…

Thursday 21st May

Today you are putting the learning from this week so far into practice. Think about your house and garden. You might have a ground floor, maybe even a garden or your family might live on a different floor, maybe a first floor flat. You may even have a house with more than one floor or storey. Today, choose a specific floor and map it. Using everything you have learnt this week, draw the map to an accurate scale. You will have to work out an appropriate scale first, considering the size of paper you have. Make it as accurate as possible – you will have to measure lots of objects – does anyone have a tape measure you can use to help you? Good luck!

Friday 22nd May

Today, take your mapping skills outside and map a public area. Maybe you want to map a walk you go on with a parent/carer. Maybe you take the dog for a walk somewhere – estimate some distances with your adult, record them then construct the map when you get home. How about Sandringham Park? There are enough different areas of the park to make it interesting. Just like yesterday, make it as accurate as you can. Obviously with bigger distances to measure today, it won’t be exact but use your maths skills to estimate distances then construct the map properly when you get back home.

It’s half term next week so no more activities from me for now. If you are looking for other things to keep you busy next week, make sure you continue reading and recording in your R&C book, continue to play Prodigy to practice your maths and revisit any of the numerous activities we have shared over the past six weeks or so. Missing you all and fingers crossed we can continue our learning together soon…

Mr Hankin