P.E. Events and Experiences

Life Education

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th February saw us welcoming the ‘Life Education Bus’ to Haytor View.  During the two days, each class had the opportunity to take part in activities linked to understanding their bodies, health and keeping safe.  Parents also had the opportunity to gain a little bit of an insight to what went on.  This was a good opportunity for parents to support their child in developing their understanding.  We look forward to welcoming ‘Life Education’ back next year.

“I enjoyed seeing Harold again.”

“I learnt that the liver gets rid of poisonous food.”

“I enjoyed learning about the body; I learnt lots of things!”

“”I learnt about what food is good to eat.”

“I enjoyed learning about the parts of the body on Tam.”

“I learnt lots about our brains.”

“I learnt about compromise.  Harold and Derek comprised when they sang with each other.”

“I learnt that the liver does 500 different jobs.”

SSP Gymnastic festival

Year 3/4 Base 2 had a fantastic time at the SSP Gymnastic festival. They learnt lots of new skills and worked with different children from other schools. They demonstrated great
sportsmanship and are looking forward to developing these skills during their PE sessions at school.

“I enjoyed it. I learnt how to do a shoulder stand.” Natalie

“I like using the spring board.” Lennon and Skylar

“I learnt how to do the crab position.” Talia

“I noticed that everyone gave it a go and tried.” Leon

“I enjoyed working with the leader Jake.” Finley

“I was challenged.” Kallum