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We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe and comfortable at the start and end of the school day. We can do this by:

  • Staggering your arrival into school between 8.35am and 9.00am;
  • Keeping moving while on the school site and keeping your children close;
  • Not crowding the doors to classrooms;
  • Being prompt to arrive to collect your child at 3.15pm;
  • Maintaining an appropriate social distance from those around you;

Be aware of others around you at all times – keep each other safe and comfortable.

Feel free to wear a mask outside if this supports your comfort while on the school site.


Again we have waited a long time to say these words, and wow what a ‘welcome’ everyone has been a part of! Children smiling, spending time together in learning and play and looking forward to every opportunity to just be a part of school again. We had an extraordinary start to our time together on Monday – every child on the school’s role joined us – that means 100% attendance across the whole school! We can all have a sense of pride in the trust, comfort and sense of safety that we have all created, together, which meant that everyone felt positive about coming together from day one. Thank-you!


  • Keep a safe social distance;
  • Keep children close;
  • Be aware of your surroundings;
  • Keep moving;

Lots of parents and children have been sharing books and story time together during
Lockdown. The website for World Book Day offers lots of activities including ‘World Book Day
Club’ as well as free books and videos to watch online, just go to:
Our World Book Day celebration plans were shared in our letter to you on Monday, together
with your £1 Book Token. You can use your token to get one of the special £1 range of books
featured on the website or £1 OFF a book or audiobook costing £2.99 or more, at your
nearest bookseller.
We’re really looking forward to having some fun with our ‘bedtime stories’ theme – your children’s class
teacher will be sharing their plans with you over the coming days!

THAT FOODBANK SUPPORT – Still open over Half Term

– Feel free to contact them direct (01626 437310) or contact the school if you would like an introduction to the service – please don’t wait until you are going short – having food provided can ease pressure in other areas of household costs too.


As with all weeks, this one has seen lots going on! We share in a very busy community indeed, with all of the activity taking place both on site as well as at home at the moment.

As our letter to everyone on Monday said, we are tremendously appreciative of your support during what we recognise as such a difficult time for everyone. Not only have your efforts supported us, but you have also supported each other so positively too. As a result of your commitment to the community demonstrated by your careful use (or not!) of our in-school provision  we have, so far, been able to offer provision for every child whose family has requested this support over the past 6 weeks. We see this as an incredible achievement that it all down to you, the school community!

What’s more, last week saw us need to review some of our provision plans, both in-school and remote, due to staff illness. The flexibility and understanding that you demonstrated in the face of this was really welcome. Once again your care and consideration for the community as a whole shone through in spite of the the challenging times that we are all facing.

It is only with your support and consideration that we are able to bring you the very best that we can offer….

So ‘Thank You’ from everyone at Haytor View.

Arrangements for after half term will remain the same as those currently, whilst we wait for further news regarding the Government’s plans for returning children to school.

Remember, we are always pleased to hear from and when we do our aim is always to make your effort to get in touch worth your while. So whatever questions you have, whatever challenges you are experiencing, please remember we are here to support you – we are keen to hear from you. As always you can get in touch using the following means:

  1. School Gateway;
  2. School email address;
  3. Speaking with school staff via telephone 01626 203040 – or on our new class-based mobiles!


If using electronic devices during periods of self isolation, we encourage children to take a five-minute screen break a minimum of every two hours, for younger children a screen break every hour for 5 minutes will support them well. Parents know their children, we encourage you to consider the frequency of screen breaks which will best support your child.


Getting hold of parents quickly has never been more important, please can you make sure that if the school have your most recent contact numbers, in the event of an emergency. Please contact the school office if you would like to check whether we have your up to date numbers or if you wish to change your contact details. Thank you!


Wow!!! We have been so impressed to hear from you and your children, as well as seeing some of you engaging in learning at home. Whether this has been learning which your child’s teachers has provided or experiences you have been providing your child, what we are valuing is the richness of experience and support our children are receiving during this time.

As one parent commented ‘Learning happens all of the time . . . everywhere!’ It does indeed and we can confidently say that any and every experience your child has with you, will be enriching their lives.

Get in touch if you have any questions or think we can help in any way with your children’s learning at home.


We are aware of the difficulties regarding communication between class teams and parents, as staff seek to make contact with families. Unfortunately we have limited phone capacity in the school, and staff have limited time for calls due to their other commitments.

With this in mind, we will be providing each class with its own mobile phone, which will enable parents to leave messages direct for the class team to pick up during the day and respond to.

We will update you once the phones arrive. In the meantime please contact school using the usual means.