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May Half Term – Monday 25th to Friday 29th May

  • School will be closed to Key Worker Children and Vulnerable Children during half term.
  • While there won’t be any new information posted on the website during half term we hope that there are plenty of ideas on the website to keep you busy if you wish to use these during the break – if you have any other needs with regard to home learning do get in touch with us this week.

We hope you and your family have a lovely Spring Bank Holiday!

Monday 18th May 2020

Hello Everyone!

We hope that you enjoyed the weekend! What beautiful weather we have had! We managed our first walk on a the beach on Saturday evening and we saw this:Somebody had made a little boat from wood with a little mast and flowers around it. I think they left it for the sea to take it off on a journey; I wonder where it will travel too? Did you try the floating and sinking activity in Friday’s post ? Perhaps you have made a boat?

As ever it is so good to receive emails and photos from you! Learning is happening in all the activities you do at home. We have seen you cooking and now I can see that you are excellent at helping with DIY projects! obviously when using real tools you need your mum or dad to work with you. In these photos Cyrus worked with his mum to make a chest of drawers what an achievement!

Keep on enjoying building with construction kits. Planning and connecting these kits or balancing blocks will help you gain the control and skills you will eventually need to build big objects even furniture!

While I was talking to my friends on a video call this weekend I noticed that on the wall behind my friend was a lovely collage of a sunshine. It is made of colored stones and connected with metal, I suppose this is a  sculpture picture?

Challenge: Can you create your own sunshine you could find objects to lay on the floor to make you sunshine (no glue is needed) it could be big or small? You could draw a sunshine to show me. Core radial drawings are important developmental stage as children develop their pen skills.

The story I have chosen today is about an echo. It is called “Little Beaver and The Echo!” I hope you enjoy the story.


Mrs Heap wondered if you recognised the places Ching Ching visited on the sheet we posted on Friday? Why not send her message either via the website or through “”

Take care Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman


Mrs Dore Says…

  1. Bake cookies or cakes for your family, then have a tea party.
  2. Turn on radio and dance around the house. Get your family to dance with you.
  3. Explore nature with magnifying glass. Have a go at drawing what you can see.
  4. See if you can see any images in the clouds. Can you find any animals? Are there any clouds that look like people?
  5. Chalk on patio or path. What about a rainbow to make people smile.

WooHoo! It’s Friday 15th May.- Jobs and Jokes day.

Hello everyone!

It’s Friday! Today is the day when you can negotiate the chores you will do around the house for the next week and it’s also jokes day so here goes…

My son’s favourite joke when he was young..

Why did the banana go to the hospital?

Because it wasn’t peeling very well!


Any way, I hope your minibeast safaris have been fun and that you have enjoyed talking about the maths problems in the booklets.

Today, I’ve put a sheet together for you to help you reflect and evaluate on your week. It’s just a few questions that you could use to think back over  this week to help you celebrate and take pride in what you have done together You can see it here: weekly learning review

Next week, we can look at maps and what they tell us. If the weather is nice, we can go exploring and making our own maps. Perhaps you will create a pirate map and find buried treasure?

Keep doing your bugclub reading and the games and activities but most importantly, enjoy each others company.

Take care everyone. Stay safe and happy.

Mr F.

Friday 15th May 2020

Hello all!

Friday already! The weather this week has been bright, breezy if a little chilly and I hope the weather over this weekend is good for us all! This week we have suggested some science type of activities and so I thought we should continue this theme moving into the weekend.

I was chatting with Mrs Heap yesterday and she remembered a story called “Who Sank the boat?” by Pamela Allen and we think you will enjoy this story as well!


Why do you think the boat sank when the last animal, the tiny mouse, got into the boat??

Why not try some experiments with floating and sinking at homeYou will need a deep bowl filled half way with water

Items you find that you want to test to see if they can will float or sink? (toys, natural items, food you choose!)

Can you predict what will happen before you place the item in the water?

Can you make an item that sinks float?

Try and make your own boat from some paper, some wood and a plastic container. Which boat floats the best? Can you put some of your small toys in the boat and does it still float?

If your boat has a sail can you use your breath to blow it quickly across the bowl?

Kieran has also been experimenting with light and his torch!

You could try these activities as they look like fun! Perhaps you could hide some toys in the garden or balcony and then go out with your torch when it is getting dark to find them! Remember to count the objects you hide so you know how many to find! 

What shapes could you create with your shadow or perhaps like Thomas when we were in school you can select items and look at their shadows in the sunshine?

Mrs Heap has sent me an activity sheet about Ching Ching out and about in Newton Abbot. Click the blue writing to have a look:

Out and About with Ching Chingx


Update to login page from:

From 16th May we will be updating Active Learn’s new login page to help users on a broader range of devices to log in. When you first login after the update you will need to re-enter your username and password, so please note them down now. To see your password, click on the Show button next to the password on the login page.


We wish you a very happy weekend. Have fun whatever you do making up a story perhaps, playing football , drawing ,cooking and writing and gardening!


Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good Morning all

We trust that you all had a good Wednesday! It was my turn to work in school yesterday and I had a very busy fun day! I managed a few phone calls to chat with you and I will try to make some more on Friday. When I got home I looked at some lovely emails and photos and as ever we are so humbled and proud of how our families are managing this time sensibly, keeping each other happy and safe being the priority, but also trying some of our activities as well as coming up with your own! One mum wrote this in her email  “ I’ve really been noticing how so many things we do together or ……… does solo are actually all aiding his learning and development.”

Mrs Heap reminded me of a rhyme that she enjoys singing with you at school and she has made this rhyme sheet for you! Please click the blue writing to open. This Rhyme comes with an activity make have fun!

The Bear went over the Mountain

Did you listen to the story of “Rosie’s Hat” yesterday? If you missed it please go back and view  the link from yesterday as it is a great story. I suggested that you create a journey or an adventure for one of your toys or indeed your hat, did you manage this? Do you think you could draw me a picture your story. If you fold some paper in half and then into quarters you can draw 4 pictures to represent your story. Or perhaps you could create a story map to show the journey your toy went on. Did your story involve a rescue ? Was it a fire fighter , a super hero, a  police officer or a member of your family who came to the rescue?

Here are some photos sent to me about your story making:

I was working in school yesterday and we played lots of games outside but one game that Mrs Breakwell invented was so much fun! She hid different colour wool strips (they were pretending to be worms!) in trees and bushes 20 green, 20 pink and 20 blue and then in teams we had to find them it was quite hard but great fun! In the end we found all but 1 pink one. We should have found 60 but found 59! You could play this game with your family inside or outside. You could choose the number and the colour each member of your family has to find!!

Today’s story is the one I read yesterday to children aged 5-9years old and they really loved it! As you listen to the story can you decide whether it is a fiction story which means: it is not real someone used their imagination or do you think it is non-fiction: this is real it could really happen?


As this story involves a picnic why not make a miniature picnic so your favourite toys can join you!

(Grown ups will need to support this activity but let your child cut up the fruits themselves)

you will need small containers like egg cups, lids, shells

Cut up some fruits and vegetables to fit in the small containers

make small sandwiches using small cookie cutters!

We hope you have a good Thursday

Mrs Heap, Mrs Penn and Mrs Coleman



It’s Thursday 14th May!

Hello all.

I hope you are all well and happy?

Thank you to everyone who is sending in photos of what you are doing together at home. It is great to see you smiling and having fun.

How has your Bug hunting been going? Have you found lots of minibeasts?

Yesterday, I suggested we could start recording where we find different minibeasts. Do they prefer dark places or light places? Do they live in dry places or wet places?

Today I’m going to challenge you to find specific creatures. Do you now know what sort of places to look to find them?

Where would you look to find

  • woodlice
  • snail
  • ant
  • spider
  • centipede
  • worm
  • ladybird
  • butterfly
  • caterpillar
  • beetle

As well as Bughunting, make sure you are doing your bug club reading!

Tomorrow, I will give you an evaluation sheet where you can capture your thoughts and feelings around your learning this week. Friday is also Jobs and Jokes day, so start thinking about some great jokes to share and what job you would like to help out with around the house next week.

Take care, stay safe and do things which make you happy!

All the best

Mr F.

Wednesday 13th May: It’s a Wonderful word day.

Hello everyone!

It’s a gloriously sunny Wednesday, so let’s try and get outside to find those minibeasts and if you have found any wonderful words, let me know what they are, what they mean and if they are nouns, verbs, adverbs or adjectives.

Today, we can be looking for creatures in different places so we can work our what sort of habitats each creature prefers. (habitat is where living things live)

Here is a sheet that will help us work out which creature likes to live where. minibeast habitats

Go out and look in various places; dark and dry, dark and wet, light and dry and light and wet and record what minibeasts you find in each sort of habitat. Are there any patterns? Do you find the same creatures in the same sorts of habitats or do different creatures like to live in different conditions?

If you wanted to find a spider, would you look in the same sort of places and find slugs?


Make sure you are completing your bug club books so I can give you new ones. Let me know if there is anything you would like to read about and I will try and put that sort of book on your bugclub account.

Spelling and grammar

Complete the bug club activities and again, I will set you new ones.


This week’s Math’s focus is about another problem booklet that you can be talking through together. It is here. 2018 reasoning

Thew first five questions are ones you talk through together. Here is a script if you want to use it (or you could make up your own questions if you want That would be an interesting activity!)

  1. What is twenty add two add two?
    Write your answer in the box.
  2.  I am thinking of a number.
    It has four tens and two ones.
    Write my number in the box.
  3.  Look at the circle.
    Part of the circle is shaded.
    Tick the fraction below that shows the shaded part of the circle.
    Put your tick in the box by the correct fraction.
  4.  Turn the page over and look at question 4.
    There are thirteen marbles in a jar.
    The jar can hold twenty marbles.
    How many more marbles can ft in the jar?
    Write your answer in the box.
  5.  Write the same number in both boxes to make the
    multiplication correct.

Have fun learning together.

Stay Safe, put on you sun hats and keep your distances.

All the best

Mr F.


All the best

Mr F.


We are really pleased to be able to say that all of our families entitled to free school meals are now receiving shopping vouchers or lunches delivered daily to their door. We even have some families who have just discovered that they are entitled to this support.

Are you wondering whether recent changes mean that you may now be entitled to free school meals? If your child does qualify for this provision you are currently entitled to £15 in food vouchers each week, or freshly made packed lunches delivered to you.

Please contact us on 01626 203040 if you want to explore this.

Week beginning 11/05/20 – Glorious Gardens and Captivating Creatures!

Morning all! DISCLAIMER! Don’t worry, before we start, you don’t have to touch a minibeast at all for this week’s activities! In fact, you can do the whole week’s learning from a completely safe distance!

Monday 11/05/20

Today’s learning is all about how we can group the range of different plants and animals there are on our amazing planet. Have a look here:

…and explore the questions in red to find out all about classification. Next, use the internet to find out what you can about Carl Linnaeus and present your biographical information into the booklet of lined paper (if you have any space left!) How much information can you find out about him?

Finally, I’m sure you have discovered these titles by now: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species

What are they? What do they mean? Look at the first letter of each word and come up with a way of remembering the order they go in. Here’s mine:

King Philip Can Only Fry Green Sausages.

Enjoy it!

Tuesday 12/05/20

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is an amazing organisation. They help look after the birds we have in this country and provide essential information to people who want to do the same. Have a look here:

It’s a bird identifier. Guess what I am suggesting you do? Yes… identify the birds in your garden. See how many birds you can find today – it may be from your bedroom window or in your garden (if you have one) or even on a walk if you go out with a parent/carer for your daily exercise. They can join in too because toucan play this game (oh dear.) Record all of the species of bird you find. Who can see the most species? Have fun…

Wednesday 13/05/20

Design your own classification key to identify different types of sweet. Choose your favourite sweets (about 10?) then start recognising the differences between them. Does each one have something unusual or special about it? That’s what you could use to help someone identify which one you are talking about. Do they fit into groups? Which groups could you put them in?Look at this key about minibeasts to give you some ideas of what it could look like:

Design your classification key for your sweets then get someone at home to try it out…

Thursday 14/05/20

Yesterday you designed a classification key for your favourite sweets. Today let’s take our learning outside into your garden or local outside space with a parent. We are going to find minibeasts and classify them. Look for around ten different creatures, identify them and sketch them (or take a photo – smile please!), recording their key identifying features (number of legs, wings, appearance, habitat and so on.) Design a classification key that will help someone to identify a minibeast they were uncertain of. I hope the weather is okay for you today! From talking to others on the ‘phone over the past few weeks, most people have been having a go at the activities but not necessarily on the day they are set for – that’s perfectly fine! You could save this activity for a sunny day…

Friday 15/05/20

You met some new friends yesterday – your minibeast neighbours! What was the most unusual minibeast you found? Were you particularly fascinated by any of them? Today we are going to find out everything we can about one of the minibeasts. Remember this information? kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species. Use it as a basis to start investigating your creature. Which kingdom, phylum, class etc does it belong to? What is its binomial latin name? What is a binomial name? Find out! Sketch your creature. Label all of it’s features that make it different from its cousins. What are the features that set it apart, that make it able to be classified separately to other minibeasts? Remember our learning about each of us being unique – well your minibeast certainly is! Collect all of your information about your tiny friend in your lined booklet.


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