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We are aware of the difficulties regarding communication between class teams and parents, as staff seek to make contact with families. Unfortunately we have limited phone capacity in the school, and staff have limited time for calls due to their other commitments.

With this in mind, we will be providing each class with its own mobile phone, which will enable parents to leave messages direct for the class team to pick up during the day and respond to.

We will update you once the phones arrive. In the meantime please contact school using the usual means.


Have you checked out our Learning at Home page yet? It’s the place to begin when looking for remote learning for any class within school during this period of closure. Just go to the school website at . You won’t be able to miss it. Get in touch if you have any questions or think we can help in any way with your children’s learning at home.

It’s safe to say that this isn’t the welcome we would have been wishing to provide
you with at the start of 2021, however we recognise the challenging
circumstances we find ourselves in and are keen to ensure that we do the best we
can in keeping everyone safe in these challenging times.
We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, what was
welcome was that as always the children were keen to share their holiday
experiences when they were in school on Monday.
The children certainly bounced back into school on Monday rejuvenated and
eager to engage with their learning, therefore we are committed to capitalising on this through our remote
learning strategy.
Adults in school have been working hard over the last 48 hours in developing provision moving forward, this
includes the areas of: Safeguarding and welfare; lunches; key worker provision; planning learning for children.
The school’s website Splash Page will direct you to the individual arrangements for your child’s class.
We really want children engaged with the learning which is being carefully planned to support your children’s
next steps in their learning journey, therefore if you have any queries or are experiencing any challenges
please get in touch.
Please remember that we are here to answer any queries you may have, get in touch using the following
1. School Gateway;
2. School email address;
3. Speaking with school staff via telephone 01626 203040;

Welcome to Remote Learning

Your Remote Learning assignments will appear on this page, as well as on Google Classroom.

This term has been like no other, this year has been like no other – yet the enthusiasm and support that everyone has shown each other demonstrated by children, parents/carers, staff and governors has embodied the spirit and ethos of Haytor View.

We know that times have been tough, we know the road ahead is an uncertain one however together we have shown that together we are able to navigate it successfully.

Many thanks to you and your family for everything you have brought to this particularly unique journey. We wish you the best of festive greetings and very best wishes for the new year ahead. We look forward to
sharing 2021 with you and your children.


Social distancing is essential to stop the spread of the virus, as it is more likely to spread when people are close together.


Please remember to give consent and pay £3.50 on the School Gateway by Thursday 26th November so your child can take part. Many thanks.

Year 3 Remote Learning – Thursday 19th November

Hello year 3.

Not long now until you are back with us…one more sleep!

Below are some activities for you to be enjoying at home.

  • Following on from our times table practise over the past couple of days, I have set you a couple of tasks on Purple Mash.

‘Sorting Multiples Venn Diagrams’

‘3, 4 and 8 Times Table’ – if you fancy something more challenging!

  • This week is Anti-Bullying week.

Below are another couple of scenarios for you to discuss with your family.  You will be discussing these as a class tomorrow.

Scenario A

A few children have been making fun of a child in your class at break and lunch time. 

They have been telling people not to play with him.  What would you do?

 Scenario B

A girl in your class spent a long time on her art work, but then someone scribbled on it and ruin it.

What would you do?

  • Think about the animals you chose yesterday. Think about their skeletons and the way they move. I have set you a science task on Purple Mash to get you thinking about other animals and the way move (‘Moving Animals’).

I hope you are enjoying your activities and are having great discussions with your family.

See you all tomorrow!

Mrs Cousins

Year 3 Remote Learning – Wednesday 18th November

Good morning year 3.

I hope you are keeping well and are looking forward to returning to school on Friday.  We cannot wait to see you all again!

Below are some activities for you to be enjoying at home.

  • Multiplication – Practise your timetables.  Below are links to a couple of games that you can play to help you.  If you are confident with your 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, can you challenge yourselves and learn your 4’s and 8’s!

  • This week is Anti-Bullying week.

Below are a couple of scenarios.  I would like you to read through them and then have a discussion with your family about what you might do, say and why.

Scenario A

A new child started at Haytor View this week, and he is having trouble fitting in. Some of your friends have been laughing behind his back. What would you do?

Scenario B

It is non-school uniform day at Haytor View.  A child from your class comes into school wearing an outfit that isn’t very ‘cool’.   Children in the class are laughing at her and using unkind words.  What would you do?

  • Your science this half term is ‘Animals including Humans’. I would like you to research an animal of your choice.  Draw a picture of your animal and write down facts about it.  I would like you to write about what the skeleton of your chosen animal is like and describe how it moves.

Here is a clip to give you some ideas:

Moving and Growing –

Have a great learning Wednesday!

Mrs Cousins

Year 3 Remote Learning – Tuesday 17th November

Good morning year 3.

I hope you enjoyed creating and making yesterday.  I spoke to Mr Whiity who said he has enjoyed reading all your lovely messages you have sent him via the website.  It has really cheered him up!

There are many activities for you to dip in and out of today:

  • Purple Mash – I have allocated you a ‘Making a List’ task.


  • Multiplication – Practise your timetables.  Below are links to a couple of games that you can play to help you.

  • Miss Wicks Christmas Card competition on Purple Mash.


  • Continue with your history activities.

Stone Age and the Iron Age Project

  • Continue with the anti-bullying activities.

Watch: Andy and the Odd Socks – The Kids are United

Have a discussion with your parent/carer:

  • What do you think the song is about?
  • How are the lyrics linked to Anti-Bullying week and why do you think Andy chose them?

Activity One – Dance

Look at the chorus lyrics:

If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided. As well as standing united against bullying, in what other ways can we stand united in order to make positive changes within our school, the community and even the world?

Why not try and create your own dance routine for the chorus. This is a great way to show your unique dancing styles and how they can be celebrated. Just like our odd socks, we can be unique AND united all at once!  Make sure you record it and send it to Mr Whitty!

Activity Two – Create an Odd Socks photo, GIF or video.

You could create your own videos or images of you all and your family in odd in your odd socks. It could be just a photo of your feet; there are endless ways to get creative!

Activity Three – Odd Socks Sock Puppet Show!

Script and perform your own sock puppet show. Using the themes we have been discussing for Anti-Bullying week, write your own short script and perform using sock puppets of your own creation. If you are feeling super confident, you could freestyle the show and make up the story as you go along.

Activity Four – Puppet Band!

Make your own Andy and the Odd Socks sock puppet band and film them miming along to the lyrics of The Kids Are United.

Activity Five – Design your own odd sock!

Make the design unique to you using your favourite colours, symbols or patterns. You could work with a partner and do an odd sock swap so they have one of yours and you have one of theirs! Odd socks rule!

If you need anything to help you complete the activities, please contact the office.

Mrs Cousins