Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Year 4


Young Spirit of Adventure

On Friday, Year 4 took part in an amazing adventure challenge morning organised by Young Spirit of Adventure.   They rose to each challenge with enthusiasm and excitement as they worked in teams to discuss and solve physical and mental puzzles and problems.  A great time was had by all!

‘It was fun – especially the wheel!’

‘I have learnt to keep persevering.’

‘I liked working in a team. I liked collaborating.’

‘I learned to let other people have a go.’

‘We need to collaborate and make team-work.  That’s what makes the dream work!’


Where The Wild Things Are – West End in School

West End in Schools visited Haytor View and the children took part in a great storytelling dance workshop!

The story was based on the book ‘Where The Wild Things Are.’  The children worked in groups to choreograph their own section of the book.  They then performed these with a big finale, dancing together.  They were fantastic!

“I enjoyed being the waves.”

“It was REALLY good acting and dancing.  I found it really calming.” 

“I really enjoyed dancing and storytelling together.” 

“I like monster making!”

“I enjoyed listening to the music.” 




PE Impact Day with Ian Patchett

Ian Patchett visited our school to support KS2 in running an Intra-Gymnastic competition.  The children engaged well performing the gymnastic sequences they have been practising, perfecting the skills within these sequences and demonstrating great sportsmanship by encouraging everyone.

“I learnt new skills in the Intra-Gymnastic competition.”

“I practised hard and really enjoyed myself.”

“It was fun!”

World Book Day 2022



We had an amazing time dressing up for World Book Day!  It was made even more special as we were able to come together as a whole school.  We shared books with other classes, listened to live story telling by famous authors, engaged in different World Book day activities and danced to the MC Grammar World Book Day song!

“We had fun because everyone dressed in cool costumes.”


“I like sharing my book with year 2.”

“It was exciting seeing everyone in their different costumes.”

“It was great sharing books with different children in year 2.”

Space Odyssey Experience

We had the exciting opportunity of experiencing the Space Odyssey Dome.  The dome gave us a spectacular 360 degree, 3D space experience!  We learnt about the astronauts who have travelled to space, the different planets and constellations.

“I felt it was really cool, like your imagination.”

“It was really fun!”

“I absolutely loved it! I love space as well.”

“I really liked it and I also really like science and space.”

“I liked everything about what we did.”

“I liked it because I felt like I was actually there.”

“I loved it because I hadn’t been in there before.”

“It felt like I used my imagination.  If I imagined being space, it would feel like that.”

“It was good and when I laid on my back, it felt like I was in space.”

Christmas Craft Afternoon

We had a great Christmas Craft afternoon!  We made salt dough decorations, Christmas cards, entered Christmas colouring competitions, paper chains, sang along to Christmas songs and much more! We enjoyed sharing the afternoon with the year 3’s and some of the year 6 play leaders.  We missed having our families share in this event, however we are looking forward to spending time with each other at the church and singing around the Christmas tree!

Author Rob Holmes – Master Owl

On Wednesday, we welcomed Rob Holmes, the author of Master Owl, into our class.  He shared with us his books, in particular a wise children’s character, called Master Owl. Master Owl is mix between Yoda, Master Shifu (from Kung Fu Panda) and Thich Nhat Hanh. Master Owl meets many animals and shares with them a ‘Magical Mindful Moment’ and their lives are transformed. We engaged in mindfulness focusing on slowing down, breathing and being aware of our surroundings.  It was an experience enjoyed by all.

Westend in Schools

Year 4 took part in a Westend in Schools workshop.  The children developed their dance and storytelling skills through recreating the story of Diwali.  We all really enjoyed choreographing our class dance and seeing it come together at the end.

Year 3 and 4 Bug Hotel Project

Years 3 and 4 would like to say a big thank you to Tianna’s grandad for helping us to lay the foundations for their Bug Hotel project!  Although the Bug Hotel is in its early stages, the children are working hard on building this amazing home for our insects.  Pictures of the project will be posted on our website class pages as it develops.