Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic Haytor View Community Primary School & Nursery has been advised to stay closed until further notice

Welcome to our Learning at Home Page

You will be aware that the Government has announced the closure of all schools in the UK from the end of Friday 19th March, in response to Covid 19. This means that from Monday 23rd March the school will be closed and children should remain at home until further notice.

Because Covid 19 is easily spread from person to person, it is not safe for large groups of people to gather. During this time, both children and adults should stay away from other people and groups as much as possible. This includes not gathering at communal places such as shops.

We know that a number of our families have been self isolating, we know this is a hard time for our community and our best wishes go to those who are ill. We would like to extend our thanks to each of you for the actions you have taken in keeping our school safe, and the patience and understanding you have demonstrated whilst we have sought to confirm arrangements.

From Monday 23rd March Teachers will be providing learning which children can complete at home whilst the school is closed, this can be accessed by clicking on the link for your child’s class. Each Teacher will be setting activities which will have been well considered to support the children’s learning development, there will also be the facility for them to upload their learning in order that their Teacher can review it.

We will keep in touch with you regarding developments through the School Gateway and Website as we move forward with our Learning at Home provision, as we are keen for children to engage with their class page. In the meantime please continue to follow the Government advice regarding the Coronavirus.

Thank you


If there are parts of your home learning that need to be sent back to your teacher, you can use this form to send it in. Fill in your name, an email address we can reach you at, and choose your class from the dropdown menu. You can upload your home learning files by dragging them into the area marked by the dotted lines, or by clicking on the “Select files” button. Feel free to send in texts, photos or pdf’s. If you’re working with pen and paper, take a photograph of your work and send that in. If you want to leave a message you can do that underneath. When you’re done all you need to still do is check the “I’M NOT A ROBOT” checkbox (unless you are a robot, of course) and then press the Send button. Your Home Learning will be sent to your class teacher.  Fields with an * are compulsory. 

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