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Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Year 3


Building Towers

Year 3 were split into teams and challenged to build the tallest tower, within their team, using limited classroom resources. The children showed amazing enthusiasm and spent time planning what to use, which method would work best and how to rebuild once they knocked over their tower!

Drawing monsters

Year 3 spent Friday afternoon creating monsters in pairs. Each pair took it in turns to look at the ceiling at draw under the guidance of their partner. The children’s creations were fantastic.



Making bead bars

Year 3 have been busy making number bars to add to their learning toolkits. Each child personalised their bead bar by decorating them and some made patterns using the beads. The children can use these for both maths and as fidget toys in the classroom.

Year 3 in their first week

Welcome to year 3.

The children have been busy in their new classroom, they have been building relationships, creating fantastic displays and playing games. Their enthusiasm is incredible and has allowed the children to settle into KS2 effortlessly.

Each week the children will have PE on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Playing games in the hall

Team building games

Pointillism pictures and a BFG inspired dream jar display

Year Three are learning to play Prodigy

Year three have spent their IT lesson learning to play the maths game Prodigy. They combined their love of gaming with regular maths questions (and trying to beat Miss Wicks’ score!). This ended up a lively lesson with many children looking forward to their next IT session.


'This is the best game' Said Sienna

Orienteering with Mr. Patchett

Year 3 took part in an afternoon of orienteering on the school field with Mr. Patchett. The children worked in pairs equipped with a map and a score card and raced to find all the letters hidden around the field. The children quickly discovered they needed to read the map to win, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Year Three Time to Think Trip

Year three had been looking forward to their trip to Haytor  Rock for weeks and couldn’t believe we had rain on the day. This did not put the children (or their adults) off the walk. We had an amazing walk up to the Tor, where we stopped for a snack, to see the view, a game of tag and a game of Ring a Ring of Roses! The children loved trying to find the school from the top of the Tor and looking at the wildlife.

The Battle of Britain with balloons

Year three have been looking at the history of aircraft during the Battle of Britain. They decided to combine this with their knowledge of pneumatics and created flying Spitfires, Lancaster Bombers and Messerschmitt’s. The children designed their prototypes and took them for a test flight on the playground.


Suggested Summer Activities

Hi all,

With summer fast approaching, we are nearing the end to what has been a very different year in school. We have all learned how to learn in different ways and we have all learned lots of new skills. So, for being so resilient, brave and brilliant, you should be ever so proud of what you have all done over the past number of weeks. Remember, you are great learners and have so much new life experience to share as a result of the past couple of months we have not been in school. I can’t wait to hear all about it when we return to school.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions for learning to keep in touch with learning over the summer holidays. If you could keep in touch with times tables, spelling (high frequency spelling list and year 3 and 4 spelling list) and handwriting it would be beneficial. Remember we have signed you up to Prodigy Maths which is a great resource to keep maths skills on the boil. All pupil’s have login details which were sent home in the learning packs children received in when they came into school. If you need a password, please get in touch before Wednesday and I can get it to you.

high frequency words

Year 3 and 4 Statutory List

Maths at Home Times – Table games and Strategies


NRich maths resources online are producing some fun maths games to keep our brains ticking over during the summer. Here is a link to the website. Today (Monday 20th) is the first day!



Have a great summer everyone…….

Take care, stay safe and have fun!

Me Whitty

Free Fun Online Timestables Resource

Hi all,

I was doing a little research into times tables resources online and I came across this one. It’s called ‘Maths Chase’ and looks to be a fun way to learn and to test out our times tables knowledge.

In year 3 and year 4 there is a big focus on getting to grips with times tables, not just knowing them but to be able to recall them quickly. To support this over the summer months would be of enormous benefit  as we have discussed in class when introducing you to Prodigy Maths.

The link to the ‘Maths Chase’ website is below. It is free and does not require any sign up or login details. Have a look and see what you think. It looks to be a fun interactive tool to support your times tables learning.


I hope you are all safe and well.

Best wishes,

Mr Whitty