Good morning again!

This week, Mr Whitty and I have been thinking about subjects you have enjoyed in the past…and Extreme Earth/ Weather/ Natural disasters really stood out for both of us. Our hope is that your learning this week will be building on previous studies we have completed together in school.

Here is my outline for the week:

Maths: Time

Literacy: Persuasive writing, Information posters, Diary entry

Grammar/spelling – alliteration task, word searches/crosswords.

Reading: Weather comprehensions and researching

Foundation subjects: Researching a natural disaster of your choice.



Watch the video clip showing time in both analogue and digital then complete the two sheets:

Convert analogue to digital Convert digital to analogue

Read the introduction to weather and climate zones information text and then complete the questions. Make sure you research or ask family members about any words you do not fully understand.

Spellings: Natural disasters word search – Natural Disasters Wordsearch

Literacy: Today’s suggestion is to write a diary entry about the changes in the weather. You can reflect on how your weekend was different, how it feels to wake up to sunshine/rain. 




Watch the video then complete the activities (quiz, quiz plus and activity)

Natural disasters interactive map – lots of videos to watch and information for you to record.

Write a diary entry as if you were in one of the natural disasters you have watched on the videos from the task above.

Natural disasters crossword Natural Disasters crossword


Today’s maths activity moves you on to adding times. Each activity is a 3-minute test. My suggestion is you time yourself at Adding Time (1) and then try to beat your score at Adding Time (2) adding time (1) Adding Time (2)

Literacy task – Can you turn your diary entry from yesterday into a news report? Maybe you could use a camera/phone/tablet (am I showing how un-cool I am?!) to record yourself as if you are reporting from a major disaster?  

Vocabulary: Do you know the definitions of all of these words? Can you put them into a sentence?

Active, dormant, eruption, disaster, natural, man-made, phenomenon, extreme.


Use the website link above to practice solving time word problems then have a go at the activity. There are three levels of these word problems, I’ve given you a guide on how to select which one is correct for you at the top of each page. If you found yesterday’s task tricky – have another go at beating your score instead! Time word problems

Literacy: Can you create some word maps to best describe a natural disaster of your choice? Volcano Vocabulary Nov 2017 Diagram | Quizlet

Reading – Please remember to keep writing into your contact books! Keeping in this routine is really important for your reading progress. 


Maths – Your final ‘time’ suggestion for today is a task around reading a timetable. Friday’s maths – reading a timetable

Reading – When did you last read a newspaper? Think about how the titles draw you in…

Literacy – Use the amazing vocabulary you thought of yesterday to write three descriptive sentences about our Extreme Earth.

As always, I hope you enjoy your day and feel free to phone or email me if you need any support with anything or have any questions.

Miss Shopland