Life Education

We found out that chocolate has a drug in it! (caffeine.) We learned about healthy eating.   I think everyone loved the Life Education Bus.       The Life Education bus was really good because we learned that it is NOT good to smoke. You could get...

Maths Learning

For the next few weeks, we will be learning all about shapes in year 5. Geometric reasoning 5.1 learning journey The learning journey shows you the order that we will be learning about shapes in. We started our learning journey by investigating shapes to remind...

Our new Traversing Wall

We love our new traversing wall! ‘It’s going really well!’     ‘It is really good because you can do it  on your own or with friends.’

Healthy snacks

‘ We’re enjoying healthy snacks at break time.’

Can you spot the International Space Station?

Don’t forget to check out the night sky to see if you can spot the ISS. Download the ‘ISS Detector’ app to track the ISS and the planets of our solar system. If you see it, make sure you watch it as it travels across the sky. It is at its brightest...

Well done Caleb!

Well done to Caleb in our class for being selected to join the Total14 football squad. You’ve worked really hard. What an achievement!