Hello year 5,

I am so excited to get to see you all next week! I have been prepping our classroom to ensure it is as safe (and clean) as possible, it will look a little different from how you left it but I am confident we will be able to have lots of fun together 🙂

This week’s ‘theme’ for your suggested activities is birds.

Across the week:

Maths – a whole variety of revision activities, using word problems and applying what you know. Recording your own data about the birds you see.

Literacy: Looking into where the vocabulary for birds originates from and learning to spell words connected with birds. Word searches and crosswords.

Topic: Describing different bird species. Recording the birds you see.

Reading: Researching, using fact files and classifying birds.


Maths: Time maths problems – recap from last week.Time problems

Literacy: Research the definition of the words below and write each one into a sentence. If you can do this on paper, remember to think about your handwriting – letter sizes in particular.

Aviary, congregation, crest, fledgling, flock, incubate, migration, ornithology.

Topic: Complete the first page of the describing birds activity. You will likely need to research the bird to be able to complete the chart. Please think about using interesting vocabulary throughout – can you use any words your parents don’t yet know the meaning of? Describing birds activity template 

Reading – Complete the Humming Bird comprehension. The questions are on a separate document to the comprehension.Hummingbird Comprehension Questions Hummingbird Comprehension

Please also keep completing your entries in your reading and contact books! I can’t wait to hear about the different books you have been enjoying at home.


Maths: Fractions and percentages bird-themed problems. I apologise but I cannot upload today’s sheet and I don’t know why yet! Prodigy or timestables.co.uk instead, please! 

Topic: Complete the second page of the describing birds activity above. Please make sure you are extending yourself when completing these tasks. Have you included any different sentence types?

Literacy: Can you find a book about birds to read? It could be an audiobook, an e-book or a real book! If there are any words you do not understand, please make sure you look them up!


Maths: Fractions and percentages This is a revision activity based on what we have previously learned together about fraction and percentages. I can see from your Prodigy scores that you have a good understanding of this which is fantastic. Enjoy!

Literacy: Please search Authorfy 10 minute challenges or click this link https://authorfy.com/10minutechallenges/  . then select the 10 minute challenge by Swapna Haddow, Author of Dave Pigeon. In this video, Swapna sets out a 10 minute challenge for you to write a story from an animals perspective. If you are getting into this week’s bird theme – writing from a birds perspective would be great! 

You can watch and listen to some of the book on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaeqQFkn4sg (You also get to learn how to draw a pigeon at the start of the video!)

Spelling: How many words from the 5/6 list can you add to your story following your 10 minutes of writing? Think about these words as synonyms, replacing boring words rather than extra words to add to your sentence. e.g. I liked it when she forgets to shut my cage → I do appreciate it when she conveniently forgets to shut the door on my accommodation. I would love it if you could be prepared to bring these 10-minute stories into class with you next week to share with your peers. 

Reading: Today you could record the section from Dave the Pigeon from the Youtube link above into your contact book. A question to think about: Why is the lady referred to as ‘human’? 

Which character is telling the story?


Maths: https://nrich.maths.org/6589

This link will take you to the Nrich page and Youtube video which shows you the activity. Your first task is to work out how to play the game. Then you need to think about what the rules might be? (Return to the video and watch it again if it helps!) Once you have an idea about the rules, you can begin to think about how you might win.

If there is someone at home that you can play against – have a go!

We will look at this activity together in class next week and I will give you an opportunity to work with peers (from a safe distance) to try and strike out all of the numbers.


Literacy: Read back through your 10 minute writing challenge from yesterday, have a pencil in your hand ready to edit your writing as you notice mistakes (remember how we all make them and nobody writes a perfect story first time around?!)

Could you draw a picture of your main character today? How will their appearance give us a clue about their character? As with yesterday’s task – I would love to see these if anyone is happy to bring them with you when you come into school next week!


Topic: Today’s suggestion is to get you thinking about how we identify birds. This process fits with classification charts that we have looked at before in science – think back to rocks when we were working out what type of rock we had found based on questions about the colour, texture and where it was found. So, while you are out on a walk or in your garden, make a note of the birds that you see and then use the website link below to identify the species.



Reading – If you don’t currently know where your contact book is, maybe today could be the day to find it?!


Maths: Data problems (linked with our birds theme!) Maths data problems

What skills make you a good mathematician?

What attitude makes you a good mathematician?


Literacy: Can you describe your main character from the drawing you completed yesterday? Think about the vocabulary you use – it should be as year 5 standard!

Challenge: It would be excellent if you could use the thesaurus section of Collinsdictionary.com to find a synonym that your parent has not heard of yet! Be careful to make sure the word actually makes sense as a description of your character by making sure you read the definition of each synonym suggested.


Reading – what genre of book have you been enjoying the most over this time at home? If you could request new books for our library, what would they be? Why? (This can go straight into your contact books!)


Topic: Can you do a piece of artwork based around a bird that you have spotted (either in real life or online when researching birds!) How you do this is entirely up to you! It could be a painting, a model, a computer ‘paint’ picture, a sketch…anything goes!


Prodigy Maths – 504 questions answered over the weekend…wow year 5! You are all amazing!

Handwriting packs can be requested if you would like support in practising your handwriting – we have also printed some off to take home with you next week….can you tell that I am excited to see you all?!

5/6 Words list – Let’s aim to get all of these words learned to give you a head start next year!

X tables – These underpin everything you will do in maths next year so keep up the fluency! Good websites are: Topmarks maths, timestables.co.uk, maths-games.org 

Mrs Hodgson and I hope to be contacting you over the course of the week but, as always, if you need anything please do get in touch!

Miss Shopland