Hello all, it is nearly time for the Summer Holidays! I cannot imagine how strange that must feel for you all having been out of school for so long already now.

I would really like to encourage you to relax and enjoy the time off…it is highly unlikely to happen again! There are many lovely mindfulness activities on https://www.cosmickids.com/mindfulness-activities-kids/ (I know the yoga seems young but last week I had every year 5 and 6 child from the Key Worker Provision pretending to be on their surfboards with me!)

Key skills that will best set you up for September are:


  • Knowledge of number bonds to add and subtract quickly and efficiently.
  • Times tables – Fluency in times tables will mean no use of fingers, counting or adding on and being able to name the times tables a particular number is in e.g. knowing that 40 is in the 4s, 10, 5s and 8s.


  • Handwriting – can you read all of your cursive handwriting? Will I be able to?!
  • Spelling – get practising with the 5/6 words list to ensure you know the meaning of each word and can spell them accurately.


  • The BEST thing you can do over the holidays is to read daily. I am looking forwards to hearing about the authors you have enjoyed (the creators of Fortnite and Roblox are not considered an author in my mind!). I will be particularly impressed if you can compare books written by the same author. If you are not currently reading an actual book each day, please start doing so! It will help your reading, writing, talking and understanding of language and is just so important!

Enjoy and keep staying safe,

Miss Shopland