Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been enjoying some really exciting swimming sessions – everyone has had something awesome to say about the three sessions that we have enjoyed so far! Check out what everyone has had to say below!

Skye: I enjoyed it when me and Lexi got to swim on our backs without floats.

Jamie D: Swimming with flippers because it was really easy and really fast

Kai: Putting on the flippers

Nunez: I enjoyed when we got to jump in the deep end.

Ayesha: I enjoyed all the encouragement from other people as they were all shouting my name and cheering me on.

Liam: I really enjoyed learning how to swim with the flippers. It was my first ever time and it was really fast.

Katie: I am looking forward to going into the deeper bit of the pool. Even if you can’t swim, it’s ok.

Mia: I enjoyed learning how to swim like an octopus.

Chloe-May: I really enjoyed swimming with other people in the pool and encouraging them.

Chloe: I enjoyed learning new skills that I didn’t know I could do.

Corey: Our group were doing it with one float and swimming with one arm.

Finley: I like being in the pool with my friends, using the floats and flippers and cheering on Ayesha.

Sophie: I enjoyed being in the deep end.

Ebonie: I enjoyed being with my friends and doing something that I love.

Brandon: I lost my flipper, so swam back and said, “I’ve got a problem…”

Ruby: I was the fastest swimmer in my group with the flippers!

Jack: I enjoyed rescuing Brandon’s flipper.

Amelia: I enjoyed watching Liam jump in because he belly-flopped.

Rio: I liked swimming really fast with the flippers.

Bethany: I enjoyed being able to go swimming with my friends and swimming without a float.

Charlie: My three favourite parts were using the float and the noodle, swimming on my back and play time.

Harvey: I enjoyed being in the deep end because I had to dive deep to rescue Ayesha’s flipper.

Nicola: I enjoyed learning how to swim with my friends and helping Aimee because she has never been swimming before.

Leo: I’ve enjoyed swimming with Jack and Corey.

Jamie M: I really enjoyed going really fast with the flippers on.