Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community



Foundation Stage

So much learning and fun!

We are continuing to enjoy so many activities with many learning opportunities and chances to wonder together whilst talking about our thoughts in both our nursery and reception classes. The reception children are developing their phonic skills ,writing skills and...

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Role Play and keeping healthy.

Charlie's block play; where he created a sequence of washing clothes making a washing machine, a tumble dryer and a washing line, inspired us to to explore why and how we keep ourselves clean and to add resources from the real world to develop our imaginary role play....

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Foundation Stage Fun Autumn 1!

This half term has flown by! We have been settling new children into our foundation stage unit. We have been getting to know each other and enjoying exploring our environment inside and outside.   [gallery...

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Shadow Puppets Talking Turns Project

What a WORLD BOOK DAY! We had the pleasure of watching and creating our own Shadow Puppets Show. The shadow puppet show was based on the story , 'The Man who Cuts the Clouds'. It's a simple story about a grandad who has an amazing...

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Pumpkin fun!

We have loved exploring pumpkins. We have learnt that they can look very different: different sizes and weights; different colours and they look great when carved!

Having pumpkins in our class prompted us to share our experiences of pumpkins and dressing up up for Trick and treating .

We left the scooped out pumpkin outside for a few days and it went “slimy” “smelly” and “Stinky” so we decided to smash it up and add to the wormery. “This is so disgusting!”  the children said but worked together to get the pumpkin into the wormery! We are wondering now if the worms will like the pumpkin to eat!






Monoprinting in Nursery

This week in Nursery we have been exploring monoprinting, a process in which children’s marks are captured to create a unique print.

The children chose a colour of paint which was squeezed straight onto the table! Then, they got stuck in with their hands, making a variety of marks within the paint. Some children used their whole hands across the table, some used their fingers to create patterns and others preferred to use a foam roller or a brush. We also began to experiment with some colour mixing.

Image preview

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Image preview

After they had plenty of time to explore the paint, we placed paper on top of their paint to capture their marks in a print. Have a look at these amazing works of art.

Image previewImage previewImage previewImage preview

Settling into Nursery!

We have been busy settling in this term, getting to know our classroom and making new friends. The children have been brilliant during this transition period, as they adjust to a new environment, new friends, new grown ups and new routines. Thank you for all of your support during this time!

We have been reading ‘Dear Zoo’ and learning lots of new nursery rhymes. One of our favourites has been 5 little ducks.

We have been learning how to use new tools safely and developing our cutting skills. We have also been starting to use the woodwork station and learning how to use hammers and nails to build a structure.

We have been learning to share, turn take and play games together.

We have been loving playing outside and exploring the garden!

Woodwork for the first time in Reception

Such intense concentration. We will run out of wood quickly as this area was so popular!  We have now widened the range of items which can be added on to their structures, cork sections, plastic lids, rubber piping and old jigsaw pieces . I look forward to seeing where their designs skills and thinking go next..

Lunch time Learning fun! September 2022

Staying for lunch at school for the first time can be a BIG deal for the children and families but working together we have been able to make this part of our day a time to be social and learn to be independent too!

We are managing so much: listening, answering questions, chatting, making choices, remembering routines and using physical skills to hold our trays and to cut our food to eat!

Lunch time at school is an important part of our learning day!

We are learning how to write letters

You might also hear about how we have been dancing VOLCANO’s ! This session is call  ‘Write Dance’ and we exercise our muscles so that we have strong arms, wrists and fingers ready to write.  Volcano dancing last week involved shaving foam!! This week it will involve hair conditioner and powder paint!  ( photos to be added!)

A Christmas Theatre Group visit Foundation Stage


Click on the link to watch us sing with Father Christmas. 

What a wonderful morning we had together…..

Autumn Term in the Foundation Stage

Our ‘Wait, Watch and Wonder’ books chart and show the progression of learning across all areas of the classroom. On this site I have selected to show a very small amount of the interests which have featured this Autumn Term,  the photos stories we have would fill numerous photo album!! Please do come and look through our ‘Wait, Watch and Wonder’  books when you bring your child into class each in a morning, the images will make you smile.


BUILDING and FORMING STRONG RELATIONSHIPS through our Sherborne Developmental Movement sessions every Thursday. We laugh and giggle throughout these sessions as well as learn how to care for each other.

Sports day – Fun in the Sun



jumping and running


Hill rolling is Super Fun!!!!

Sports Day 2021 was a very busy active day!! Well Done everyone … You all deserved your icecream!




Looking and Learning about the unusual!

Today Friday 2nd July we explored the New and Unusual... Papaya’s, Asparagus, Passion Fruit

Across the summer term we have been developing our observational drawing and painting skills. We have drawn insects, leaves, flowers and TODAY… due to lovely Jade from Asda we had new food items to draw, paint and TASTE!!


What can you see?  What colours and textures will be inside?

“Its a Potato” – Passion fruit

“Its and avocado”  – papaya

“I think it will be red or pink inside”

“They look like gummy balls”

“Its squishy”

“Its sour but yummy”