Foundation Stage

Thursday 16th July 2020

Hello All! We hope that you have had a good week so far?  We have had a super time in school really enjoying our our last times to play together before we break for the summer and return to school in September! Here are some photos of out last fun days together...

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Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning everyone! Aplologies for the lack of posts over the past week but our website had a bit of a hitch which did not allow us to upload pictures etc for you to view and this was out of our control but we are all fixed now I hope?!! From next week I will only...

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Wednesday 1st July 2020

Hello All and happy first of the month to you! We hope you had a good Tuesday at home? Maybe you tried the activity from yesterday or enjoyed the story posted? We had a super day in school! The children explored paint with marbles, torches,made fruit chocolate kebabs,...

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Monday 13th July 2020

Hello Everyone! We hope that you were able to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather this weekend? Our dog Ollie loved a really long swim in the sea on Sunday morning but I did not join him!!! Did you manage to male some ice cream at the weekend? if you did not make your...

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Wednesday 1st July Balancing in different ways

This photo just says EVERYTHING!  What a wonderful photo of joy and delight in their own skills.  Good Morning Everyone. I had a huge smile when I saw these new photos in my emails. The excitement in your skills is GREAT to be able to see. I had a lovely Tuesday being...

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Tuesday 30th June Making Kites

Good Morning Everyone I hope that you had a creative day full of colour. You will find colours to mix inside and outside.    Look at this rainbow piano picture, it is being played as they sit on a purple and blue stool. ( taped strips that have been coloured) [gallery...

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Tuesday 23rd June Outside Fun in the Sun

Hello and Good Morning Everyone 

I am looking forward to seeing more of you today for our Zoom story sessions. I can’t wait to see what you want to share. I wonder what it will be ??? 

Monday was a lovely warm day and listening to the weather forecast  this week is set be become hotter and hotter!  So outside and shaded fun is necessary. Today I spent a long time watering the vegetables at work. The vegetables are growing well with all our care. At my house my courgette plant is VERY happy and producing giant vegetables. 

Have you planted any vegetables that are growing in your house or garden? 

I was sent some brilliant adventure pictures today. We live in an amazing part of the UK. You can have so many different adventures as a family 

Water and sea creatures adventures!

  Narrow, overgrown country lane adventures!

  Even WILD animal adventures!!! 

Even in your back garden or on your regular walk you will notice wonderful natural things. 

I wonder if you can find something that you think is beautiful .. Like the shell that was found last week!!  Find something that is beautiful and precious just to you

We spotted a butterfly between the crates when we were building today .. I wonder if you have noticed any yet? 


So this is the  first of this week outdoor challenges, 

  • I wonder if you can find a leaf which you like and a tree. First spent time feeling the back of the leave  (the veins)  and the trees bark. 
  • You could then try and create a print. You will only need  a crayon, a piece of paper ( tape if you want to hold the paper still ) A crayon with no paper on the sides is best so that you can use the side of  the crayon to rub.  Creating a print is HARD work and you will need to press down hard. See what pattern you can make?

Keep Enjoying your adventures outside… A story which you might know well!!  Enjoy . 

I look forward to seeing you all soon Miss Butler, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell.




Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

What a lovely day Monday turned out to be! We hope you were able to enjoy your Monday making patterns in your own way please let us know what you made by sending a photo!

We are welcoming children into the foundation unit over the next 2 days and we hope to do some clay work, outdoor play, gardening and your own play choices!

Today some children in the key worker group have started some work about Pirates and some children chose to make a treasure box. We thought that you could make a box at home to put treasure in? You could find a box to decorate making a pattern or you could get a grown up to help you fold paper to make a box. What treasure could you make or find to fill your box?

                                                  A real Pirate came to visit us!


Joyful June: Tuesday

Look out for something to be thankful for where you least expect it?

Today I have found another story with a pattern theme I hope you enjoy it!


Be happy this Tuesday!

Mrs Penn Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman


Monday 22nd June 2020

Hello Everyone

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend? The weather has been changeable but when the sun shone it has been so hot! I went on a walk that I had not been on for the past 2 weeks and oh my how everything has grown! If you are growing flowers and vegetables in your gardens I am sure you have noticed this too! I was lucky to receive an email with some photos from Guy and he has been out enjoying the beach and finding a carved horse at Stover!

Seeing the new toys Guy has maybe you could take a special toy on an adventure with you and then send us the photos so we can share in there story adventure?

Here is a great song about some teddy bears having fun! My mummy used to sing this song to me when I was little! I have chosen an old version of this song sung by Bing Crosby.


Joyful June activity: Monday 

Share a happy memory with someone who means a lot to you

My daughter and I spent time talking about our old house in London and we both had fond but different memories to share. We both ended up laughing and having a hug!

Mrs Heap and Ching, Ching were inspired by our crumble cooking last week and they made apple crumble at home. Did you have ago at this at the weekend if not why not try it this week? Click on the blue writing to see them cooking~ there are 3 sheets

Crumble for your Tumble with Ching Ching (1)   

crumble for your tum-ble(2)

crumble for your tum-ble 3

We have noticed that making patterns has become important in your art work. Some patterns are regular and others are irregular. Some of you have noticed that butterflies patterns are symmetrical~ the same on both sides. Why not have fun creating patterns at home. You can make them with blocks, with art materials, by threading beads to make jewellery, by using the pegs on the line to form a pattern, when decorating a cake~ you choose but try to create a pattern today!


We hope you enjoy today’s story read by the author. This elephant has patterns all over him! “Elmer” by David McKee


Have fun today and we will see some of you tomorrow

Mrs Penn, Mrs Coleman and Mrs Heap



Monday 22nd June Colour Mixing

Good Morning.

After a busy week I hope that you all had a restful weekend and engaged in things you love to do as a family. Saturday turned out to be a super sunny day making the colours in my garden sparkle in the light.  Today’s challenge links to last weeks colour exploration.  I continue to greatly value and get excited when you send me some photos of your active learning.Thank you. 

Look at these photos…..I LOVE THEM

A colour wheel created using toys, Wonderful idea

What a FABULOUS PHOTO! Just look at the joy in learning expressed all over her face. FANTASTIC. 

Today’s challenge is a science experiment which allows you to explore colour mixing at the same time. All you need is a disk, milk,  food colouring, washing up liquid and a cotton bud. ( I suggest that you turn off the sound on this video,  I think the music spoils the images.) I could not find a video without too much discussion about the chemical reactions!!! not necessary as the active learning will allow your child to just observe and watch the reactions of the different liquids. Enjoy the experiment.

Last week I loved being able to start our Zoom Story Sessions. Every child in F1 should now have been sent their date and time this weeks session.

Please do let me know by phoning the school if you have not yet received your access code and password. 

Remember you can bring something to share with us all, a toy, something you have made or something you found on a walk or adventure you had with your family. 

See you all soon in school or via Zoom Miss Butler, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell.


Friday 19th June Teddy Adventures and Treasures

Hi  Well WHAT A THURSDAY…It definitely rained yesterday afternoon, the plants had a good drink.. I went on a log flume and roller coaster ride with the Thursday group at school.. There were lots of screams and laughter. This started because 2 boys had build a track for a boat and made it move using water… I explained this was similar to a log flume… So after lunch we sat as if we were on the Disney land log flume!  We then tried a roller coaster which even did a loop the loop and  we rode backwards.  It was a great way to laugh for 15 minutes.

I met ‘Alfie’ bear yesterday,  he popped up to say hello when I was reading a story on zoom.. But today, Thursday he had an adventure ..

  Alfie bear got up and decided to made a chill out spot  in the garden with another teddy friend. They were watching a clever boy ride his bike.

They thought he was brilliant at balancing. BUT then started to rain! so Alfie decided be would like to go to park he asked the boy to drive him.





They came back home for lunch and had an inside picnic. In the afternoon ‘Alfie’  took a train ride and then snuggled down to have a sleep

WHAT A SUPER BUSY DAY. … Night Night Alfie 

I wonder if your teddies or toys have adventures?      I wonder what they would explore in your house?  Do send me your toy adventures .. each one will be different. 

I know you all go on adventures and often find treasures … each treasure is special and different..Look at this treasure…

It was found during an adventure to Dawlish Warren… It looks very special. I can’t wait to hear more about it soon. I will let you know the story of this treasure. I love the colours and patterns.

Colours, colour mixing and changes always seems to fascinate children and adults. Look at this  colour mixing when painting salt dough.

It creates a hand covering in a wide range of colours. 

Colour Mixing is always a great favourite of children. This video shows another way to mix colours using food colouring, kitchen roll and pipettes. ( or using a tiny spoon)  Do you remember a long time a ago we folded the kitchen roll.  This time you can leave the kitchen roll flat.  I wonder which colours you like best? 

Have a Wonderful Friday and weekend.  I will contact you all again soon to book in our next ZOOM meeting. Enjoy time as a family and remember to keep smiling.  from Miss Butler, Miss Lodthouse and Mrs Breakwell




Friday 19th June

Hello everybody!

We hope that you had a good Thursday? The rain changed the feel of the day but the gardens and the things we are growing appreciated this! Have you managed to try any of this week’s challenges perhaps making some crumble to have with custard or ice-cream, or have you looked closely at what happens when you left celery sticks in  coloured water,did you make a potion?? If not you could try some these over the weekend they are all on the web pages from this week!

Joyful June activities for the next 3 days:

Friday: create a list together of some memories that make you smile!

Saturday: do something fun all together today

Play hide and seek! Make sure the seeker counts to 20 before coming to find you! You can play in your house or in your outside space!

Sunday: Enjoy trying a new recipe or cook your favourite food (dad’s and grandad’s might like to choose their food favourite today!)

Every Friday I play a game of bingo on the whats app video with my family across the country and it is great fun! You could play bingo with your family too! You can play all kinds of bingo: colours, numbers, letters, superheros Here is a simple video to show you how to make a simple grid. You could make a small grid at home to play this game.


Today’s story is: Everybody has a body by Jon Burgerman.

Challenge: can you draw your own shaped character like the author of this book suggests! We would love to see them so please send us a photo.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend with some time in the sunshine  but if it continues to be rainy still explore outside with your wellie boots on and maybe use your umberella too!

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman





Thursday 18th June 2020

Good morning everybody

We hope you enjoyed your day yesterday! We had a super day with some children making crumble, and playing outside in our garden and at forest school. Funnily enough these children enjoyed making potions at the muddy kitchen for us all to try did you try making potions at home as well?

This afternoon at Forest school Kieran had the idea to make a stick man. He found some sticks and Mrs Breakwell helped him to attach them with string and he added some googly eyes!

We thought that you could make a stick creature yourself! You will need to collect some sticks and possibly add eyes and clothes. You can tie the sticks with string or pipe cleaners, you may choose to use some mud and mould it into a creature adding leaves and flowers as eyes! When we created our garden compost at home I made a compost mud creature to watch over it! The following images may inspire you to try and make a creature. 

Take a photo and send it to me I love to see them!

Joyful June daily challenge: Thursday

Send a photo to someone who might need cheering up!

Today’s story has to be “Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.


A note for the nursery children who have not been able to join us at school Miss Butler has began to set up and make some ZOOM video story sessions. We would like to do some too! So I will phone and email you inviting you to join us for a story and a game some time next week!

Have a super Thursday

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman




Thursday 18th June Teddy, Car and Train adventure photos

Good Morning Everyone 

I have been very busy today phoning families, zooming story groups and watching the key worker children cook apple tarts… You have all been so busy learning in so many different ways.. 

Today I have met a range of teddies at our zoom story session and then I had a lovely surprise and had an email showing that the teddies were having a drinks at the dinner table in someone’s house! I wonder what your teddy could be doing in your house? Climbing a tree, having a bath, looking in the fridge… EVEN riding you bike or trucks .  You will have to send me a photo to let me know …!


I have also seen that more of you have been able to make salt dough after getting hold of the ingredient….FLOUR!!! it never seems to be on the shelf.


I can’t wait to see what they will look like painted….


Last week I set a challenge about  finding things outside that matched a colour wheel. This family found so many different items across the colour wheel, Great Hunting. 

We have spoke about play dough and how we can make shapes and characters … BUT this is NOT playdough its fondant icing and icing eyes.  Its an alien with VERY long legs and I can see he has THREE eyes!!

Today’s challenge links to the teddy snack pictures.. I wonder if you could take your own photos of your teddy or favourite car, truck or train … on an adventure somewhere… in your house, in your garden or during your walk!!  I wonder where they would travela nd what they would do?  I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU PHOTOS. 

It reminds me of a story I love…called THE NAUGHTY BUS… I will add the video clip so that you can share it at home. I will read story next time we meet on Zoom!

Keep Safe and Keep Smiling and having fun together. Miss Butler , Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell


Wednesday 17th June Dough Disco and Kim’s Game

Good Morning Everyone 

Yesterday I went home with a HUGE smile on my face because I was at last able to see and talk to some of your children because of the trial of our new Zoom Story Sessions. I will be contacting everyone across the next few days asking if they would also like to join a Zoom story session. 

Thank you for bringing your teddy’s to say Hello to us and for showing your new bags, homemade pegs, your Peppa pig books and your birthday presents.  Your engagement with our short session made my day, I enjoyed every moment. Thank you. 

I will add today’s story onto this page so that you can share it at home in your own time.

Do you remember this Dough Disco Dance we did at the start of lock down….. Can you remember it?  I wonder if your coordination skills have improved after all of the physical activities you do each week. ENJOY……

I am so impressed at your balancing and riding. 

LOOK at the braveness of this cyclist balancing on a raised wooden bridge!! 






We completed a memory game today during our zoom meeting…

I wonder how many items you can remember when you create your own memory game at home? 


Have fun remembering games that we have previously played and exploring the new shapes and designs that you can form using playdough. I wonder what you will form?

Today’s zoom story … Enjoy hearing it again

Keep Smiling,  Keep Safe and Keep enjoying your active learning.  Miss Butler, Miss Lofthouse and Mrs Breakwell. 


Wednesday 18th June 2020

Hello everyone!

What a lovely day we had yesterday with those whose turn it was to come into school. The children enjoyed some cooking activities and playing in and outside. Forest school was the most popular choice of favourite activities!

We cooked cookies and made apple crumble. Here is the recipe for apple crumble if you would like to try this at home. The children were encouraged to cut up the apple safely and to make the crumble enjoying rubbing in the flour and butter with their fingers! This recipe only makes a small quantity!

Apple (or fruit) Crumble 

Ingredients:    1-2 Apples(or other fruit)                   Flour: 2 table spoons                                  Sugar: 1 table spoon    Margarine: 1 Table spoon        Small foil tray

Method:    Wash hands

Cut up the apple into small pieces and place in foil tray

Add butter and flour to the bowl

Rub these together with your finger tips

Add the sugar and mix in

Pour onto the apple

Bake for 20-25 mins until light golden brown 180c or gas mark 6

Joyful June activity: Wednesday

Be good to yourself give yourself a treat. What will you choose to treat yourselves mums and dads?

Maybe to sit and quietly read a book or magazine without any interruptions!!

How did you get on with the challenge yesterday to make a nest?

Today at Forest school the children loved creating potions to turn the grownups into goonies and zombies! Can you create a potion at home. You will need some water and items from the garden to add to it: grass, petals, leaves and even mud! You may also need to make  wand to create the magic for your potion to work! Words you might use mixture, potion, spell, abracadabra, mix, stir, mystery and magic! Go on have some fun!

Today’s story is called “Meg and Mog” by Helen Nicholl and Jan Pienkowski

What does Meg use for her Spell??


We wish you all a very happy Wednesday

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman