Happy Monday all!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the glorious weather!

This week’s theme is sports. Therefore, I challenge you to make up a new sport/game/activity each day…

Monday: We will be designing an obstacle course in the garden when I get home from work (Arthur is loving climbing at the moment!).

Tuesday: We will be making a target game by drawing targets on the wall (with chalk!!) to see who can get the highest score with 5 throws of a bean bag.

Wednesday: Could be a variation of a water fight…

Thursday: Tennis with saucepans and a ping pong ball (we don’t have any tennis balls left after a recent visit from Stanley!)

Friday: Something beach-related if the weather continues to be so lush. Who can build 5 sandcastles first? Who can find the most crabs? The possibilities are endless…

Literacy tasks for the week:

Monday Comic_strip_template_2 Comic_strip_template_1 CompletetheSpeech

The task sheet is titled Complete the speech and the video explanation can be found here:


Tuesday: Create your own comic strip based on a game/activity you have completed with your family.

Wednesday: Create your own supermove! PLPSSuperMoversSuperCelebration_Challenge

https://plprimarystars.com/home-learning/super-movers-celebration (to watch the video links).

Thursday: Create a mind map describing the feelings you experience when you win or achieve well in a sport/game/activity.

Friday: Think about what is required to win or achieve well in a sport/game/activity. These could be physical things e.g. trainers or emotional things such as resilience and confidence.

Maths tasks for the week:

Your aim is to ensure that you are fluent in all of your times tables before returning to year 6 in September! The best way to ensure this is to practice for just a few minutes EVERY DAY. Times tables are the key to success in many areas of maths and will help you to feel confident in maths lessons, especially when learning new skills and methods.

Here are 5 days of 5 minute times tables tests – these are in the same format as the speedy times table we complete in class. It is up to you whether you see how many you can complete in 5 minutes or see how long it takes you to complete them all. The answers are on the second page…no cheating!

multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 5 multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 4 multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 3 multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 2 multiplication_five_minute_frenzy 1

Topmarks maths website has some excellent times tables games as does timestables.co.uk

I also love using chalk outside to practice my times tables when the weather is nice. This is definitely one to get parents involved with – maybe you could get to squirt someone with a water pistol each time you get a correct answer? 

Give me a call or an email if you need anything, I look forwards to seeing lots of you at the parent meetings next week, 

Miss Shopland