Hi all!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend? I spent my weekend tidying my kitchen and organising my baking draw. We have also been going on some evening walks to see if we can spot any deer, so far we have seen a lot! I have taken some photos to share with you (sorry they are a bit blurred!). How many can you see in the photos? What have you been spotting on your daily walks?

Image previewImage preview

SO onto this week! this week we will be getting our geography hats on and exploring maps! Throughout the week we will be exploring maps, why we use them and having a go at creating them.

Here are some activities you could be doing today:

Continue with your BugClub reading. If you have read you books and completed your activities, new ones will have been allocated.

Word investigation: what does the word “map” mean? How could you use it in a sentence?

Create a map of a room or space in your home. Below is an example of what your bedroom might look like.

Map Your World | AMNH

Now you could use the map of your room to create a treasure hunt! Hide your treasure in the room you have mapped out. Mark on you map with a X where you have hidden your treasure. See if someone in your family can use your map to find your treasure! You might need to help them by giving them instructions using words such as: above, behind, in front of, next to, beside, under, inside of, underneath… Good luck! 

Look on BBC Bitesize for today’s maths exploring measuring https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zf4vbdm This might help you when you are mapping your room!

Check out https://www.activekidsdobetter.co.uk/active-home to have a look at some of the activities you could be doing at home. You can make Ping Towel Pong even more challenging by using a bigger towel or even a blanket.

The sun is shining today! You might choose to take your bike or scooter for a ride. I will be taking my bike out later!


Have a magnificent Monday!

Miss Hall 🙂