Good morning again

School feels very different today with our new one-way system through the gates and social distancing reminders in place.

This week’s theme is all about the sea….I will post maths, literacy and one other activity for you to complete each day alongside your reading comments in your contact books.


Start by watching the video on the perimeter. This is good because it explains what the perimeter is, how to measure it and how to calculate missing measurements.

Once you have watched the video, complete the ‘around the outside’ task that is on the right-hand side of your screen.

Challenge 1


Use a map/atlas or the internet to research and label the seas around the world on the map: Seas around the world

Extension – which sea is the warmest? Why?

Grammar: Word scramble

Reading: Please ensure you are reading at least 4 times per week and recording your entries into your contact books.



Today, we will move on to area. Watch the two videos: ‘what is area’ and ‘Find the area’.

Then complete the find the area task that is on the right hand side after the ‘what is area’ video and the area and perimeter quiz on the right hand side of the ‘find the area’ video.

Challenge 2:

Literacy and Art

Following on from yesterday’s learning, please complete the Sea Creatures task. This will see you labelling each layer of the ocean and then drawing the creatures into the correct layers. I have provided you with a template, you can (of course) create your own if you wish to – yours will be so much better than mine, I’m sure!


Grammar: Can you create some sentences that include expanded noun phrases about the layers of the ocean?

This video on BBC Bitesize is a good one if you need to refresh your memory of Expanded noun phrases!


Reading: Don’t forget to complete your reading entries for the week. How about thinking about who the target audience of your book is for today’s comment?



Watch the area and perimeter video on BBC Bitesize (look out for the rather strange puppets!)

Then have a go at the task: Area and Perimeter activity 


Today’s literacy task is to start a research project for a creature/plant that lives in the sea. I recall you really enjoying researching vehicles that are used to explore the bottom of the Ocean in year 3 and how we ran out of time to continue these investigations so this may be something you wish to return to. 

How you create your presentation is up to you – it could be a poster, PowerPoint, word document….anything! My suggestion is that today is your researching and planning day, maybe you could aim to choose one thing to complete your research on and know which parts of the world the creature/plant/vehicle can be found in. 


Can you learn to spell these words by writing them into sentences? 

Abyss, inhabitants, coral, marine, aquarium, existence, vehicle, yacht

Reading: Don’t forget to complete your reading entries for the week. How about thinking about the genre of the text you are reading today?


Good morning all!

Today’s tasks are again all following on from previous activities this week. All activities are still available on the pages so you can go back and access previous tasks if you wish to do so.


Using your previous learning from this week, complete the word problems on perimeter. The questions get harder as you go through, so challenge yourself by seeing how many you can complete. Perimeter word problems


Today’s literacy suggestion is to continue with your sea-themed presentation. Hopefully, you have been able to complete some research in an area of your choice so can today be thinking about how you will collate (put together) what you have found out. 

When selecting how to present your research, think about who your target audience is going to be and what sort of text they are most likely to read. e.g. a young child will find it difficult to read an information text but may really enjoy a comic strip with more pictures than words. 

Today’s challenge will be avoiding copying and pasting information (and not really understanding what you have written!) Please make sure that the task bring you value by ensuring you read all of the information you are using and talk to family members about and information/vocabulary you don’t understand.

Grammar: Alliteration is when you use words that start with the same letter to interest your reader. Could you include this skill in your presentation? e.g. Wonderful Whales. This website is amazing for virtual tours of aquariums around the world. Arthur, Olivia and I have really enjoyed watching some of the amazing tanks and seeing so many different amazing creatures. 

I have uploaded some more assessment questions on prodigy for you to complete – those of you who are accessing this are making excellent progress, well done!

Reading: Don’t forget to complete your reading entries for the week. How about thinking about why the author of your text has written it in the way that they have? What effect has your text had on you today?



Your suggested maths task for today will require all skills revised this week. If you have skipped any sessions, you may find it is worthwhile going back to previous days learning to watch the video clips for the explanations on how to find area and perimeter. Area tasks (Friday)



Today’s suggestion is to share your presentation with an audience. This could be a sibling, your entire household or maybe even a friend/relative via a video call. No pressure but I would absolutely love to see some videos of you all, particularly when presenting something you are interested in!

This is a speaking and listening task, so imagine you are at Milber Church or in the Christmas Play – talk clearly and ensure you are thinking about the tone of your voice when reading information. gives these ten steps for reading aloud:


  • Perform
  • Purpose
  • Plan
  • Props and puppets
  • Practice
  • Prepare
  • Projection, pitch and pace
  • Power, pause and pose
  • Pages (writing and pictures)
  • Pleasure

Hopefully, lots of these are covered already by today. You have planned and prepared your presentation and know why you have researched the specific animal/creature/vehichle. I really encourage you to let your family members see the enthusiasm you have for learning that I am missing so much at the moment!


Reading – Could be covered by presenting your research project today?


Bonus – How about a best Sea Joke competition? I will accept as many entries as you would like to submit and share as many as I can on our class page next week. Here is my favourite:

Why did the crab never share?

Because he’s shellfish!

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and remember to keep washing your hands!

Miss Shopland