Morning all!

It is rather wet here in Torquay today. My first reaction was that it looked miserable so we should stay in – however, Arthur has brought me his wellies already and is currently wearing them with his pyjamas so I think he has other ideas!

I was in school yesterday, it still feels strange! It was wonderful to speak to a few of you on the phone though 😛

Today’s suggestions:

This is a tricky task for those that would like something to challenge them and get their brain working today – probably with an adult. You will need to watch the first three videos, up to Goal Difference – Negative Numbers in Football. Then, using the support from the video, complete the activity sheet attached. The activity appears tricky at first, but if you re-watch the video on Discovery Espresso, you will see what each column is e.g. Goals For and Goals Against and how the Goal Difference is calculated.

Login to your Prodigy maths account and find a friend to battle.

Write down the three things you have enjoyed most about being at home this week.

Use a Youtube clip to learn to draw something – we’ve enjoyed using draw with Dan (I think Jack might like it too!)

P.E. with Joe Wicks is still going. You can also find the archived ones from previous days on his youtube account.

Have another go at the Lucas Jet circus tricks.

Enjoy your day with your amazing family.

Miss Shopland