I would just like to say how much I enjoyed seeing you all last week! I went home with an enormous smile on my face every day, so thank you.

This week’s tasks are all around the theme of ‘space’.


Literacy: Google Authorfy 10 minute challenges to see the website that we looked at together in class. Scroll down and click on the 10-minute video by Guy Bass where he challenges you to find a key to a hidden world and then step through…

Science: Make a balloon rocket using the ‘How to’ guide. How to Make a Balloon Rocket

Maths: Use your balloon rocket to collect data to complete a table of results. Then use this table of results to find the Range, Mode and Mean scores. The definitions of Range, Mode and Mean are all on the activity sheet for you. Finding the Range, Mean and Mode

Prodigy at 11:00 if you want to battle against or with a friend.

Reading: How about checking out the updates on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter website as suggested by Ebony last week?

Don’t forget we have a zoom meeting for 13 of you today at 3:30 😀  


Literacy: What is the most interesting word you can find that links with space and our solar system? How can you show what the word means?

Can you include the word in your short story from yesterday?

Maths: http://resources.hwb.wales.gov.uk/VTC/phase4_20030829/Mathematics/Keystage2/Numbers/Tenthsandhundre/Introduction/whiteboard2.htm

Complete the activities on this website to remind you how to divide by powers of 10 (You will need this for tomorrow’s maths task!)

Reading: National Literacy Trust – Book of Hopes. What is your favourite poem?


Literacy: Design your own planet. When writing about your planet, try to include the vocabulary you were learning yesterday. Design your own planet

Maths: Use the chart and your understanding of rations and dividing by powers of 10 to create a scale drawing of the planets in the solar system. scale drawings maths activity

Science: Who is Elon Musk and how is he linked with Space? Warning – you will find a lot of information so will need to pick a focus area to look into!

Coding: This website takes you step-by-step through an hour of coding. Warning – it starts very basic! https://www.tynker.com/ide/v3?type=course&slug=activity:space-quest&chapter=0&lesson=1



Reading: Read the sentences below aloud, emphasising the word in bold each time.

  1. She said she did not take his money.
  2. She said she did not take his money.
  3. She said she did not take his money.
  4. She said she did not take his money.
  5. She said she did not take his money.
  6. She said she did not take his money.
  7. She said she did not take his
  8. She said she did not take his money.

How does the meaning of the sentence change? E.g. In sentences 1, I am thinking that only one person said they did not take the money, so who did? In sentence 2, I am thinking that she said she did not take the money but the emphasis makes me wonder if she is telling the truth.

Literacy: Create an information poster about the planet you have designed. Talk to somebody about the planet; think about the words you use and the tone of voice that you present the information in.  

Maths: Practice your 13 X tables! Are there any patterns?



Can you write a space-themed sentence including these words from the 5/6 list?









Practice spelling the words until you do not even have to think about how to spell them! (You could use the pyramid method, chalks outside, water on a paintbrush in your garden, bubble writing…any method that works for you!)

Maths: Prodigy at 11:00 – There is some excellent progress being made!

Reading: How about reading some articles from Newsround today? Make sure you talk about what you have read with family members, particularly if you come across anything you do not understand or that makes you feel nervous.


It would be amazing to hear from you again this week, maybe you could have a go at using the website upload section to send me a photo or ask me a question? Mrs Hodgson and I just love to hear from you!

Miss Shopland