Good Morning year 5,

Well, what an unusual week it has been. I am so glad that the sun has come out, enabling us all to spend some time in our gardens, get windows open and make the most of the daily exercise.

Over the next two weeks, please keep up the essentials: Reading daily, practising your spellings/handwriting using the 5/6 spellings list and daily times tables practice…and yes, Maths Prodigy! Year-5-or-6-Spellings-Whole-Year-Tick-Box.docx 

UPDATE: I have been finding my way around the Prodigy site this morning. The review reports I can see for each of your profiles are showing some inconsistent scores. Please make sure you are thinking about the questions and taking a little time to ensure you answer them correctly. The website uses your answers to decide what level of questions you need next. I have allocated you all an assessment to complete on decimal numbers and rounding. Please take care when completing this so that I know whether you need more practice on this area of maths or are ready to move on. Thanks in advance!

Keep active, both inside and out, making the most of websites such as Joe Wicks, Just Dance and GoNoodle – I’m sure there will be even more options by the time you have read this!

A reminder about your Easter Project:

In art, we have been looking at different mythological creatures. We have learned that these were often made by combining different animals (sometimes even humans). Please research a mythical beast of your choice. You can present this in any way you would like (PPT on a USB stick, Poster, information text etc).

You need to know at least:

  • Where did the mythical beast originate?
  • What does the mythical beast do?
  • What creatures are combined to make the mythical creature?
  • What is the story that links to the mythical creature?

Please also design your own mythical beast. It would be great if you could draw/paint/create it as a presentation piece to share with the class. If you are able to upload a photo of you doing this, I would love to see your progress!

A challenge for you all…when you are next online, google the positive impacts of our communities slowing down and reducing transport. Some of the images (such as in Venice) are really quite extraordinary.

Fab resources I’ve noticed online:

  • World of David Walliams – daily audiobook
  • The maths factor – free maths sessions from Carol Vorderman
  • Prodigy Maths
  • Joe Wicks – P.E. Sessions
  • – coding activities
  • Rosetta Stone – 3 months free French learning

There will be soo many more out there that you are using, if there are any particularly good sights you would like to recommend, send me an email through this website and I’ll share with the rest of our year 5 team. 

Look after yourselves, 

Miss Shopland