We are rocking and rolling with our vocabulary project! As you may have seen in the classroom, Year 1 have started their journey of discovering exciting new Tier 2 words by each day having a new word of the day. Year 1 have been eager to discover the new words and have loved trying them out in their own sentences. Over the past two weeks we have been discovering Tier 2 words from the book Augustus and his Smile. The children have had the opportunity to explore these words visually (through seeing the word and pictures of what it means), audibly (through hearing the word and descriptions of the word’s meaning), verbally (through using the word in their speech) and physically (by acting out the word’s meaning). The children have really enjoyed their first two weeks and are now starting their new book to discover even more words.

Here are some of our Tier 2 words. Can you put them into a sentence?