This week’s home-learning can be downloaded below.

If you have any questions, please come and ask me.


Practice this week’s spellings for Friday’s test.

Spellings (All Groups)


To complete this home-learning, simply re-arrange the 4 cubes into different positions to create a variety of different shapes.

Perhaps you could try changing the orientation of the original shape?

Do not use more than 4 cubes per shape!



Use the description from ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ to draw Charon.

Do not present this piece of home-learning to me without colour. The description includes different colours.

After drawing the picture, come up with your own description of Charon. Perhaps try to find some synonyms to rewrite the original?

Charon Description

Bug Club

Complete the parenthesis activity.

By complete, I mean that you must attempt to complete EVERY challenge.