Hello everyone!

It’s Friday! Today is the day when you can negotiate the chores you will do around the house for the next week and it’s also jokes day so here goes…

My son’s favourite joke when he was young..

Why did the banana go to the hospital?

Because it wasn’t peeling very well!


Any way, I hope your minibeast safaris have been fun and that you have enjoyed talking about the maths problems in the booklets.

Today, I’ve put a sheet together for you to help you reflect and evaluate on your week. It’s just a few questions that you could use to think back over  this week to help you celebrate and take pride in what you have done together You can see it here: weekly learning review

Next week, we can look at maps and what they tell us. If the weather is nice, we can go exploring and making our own maps. Perhaps you will create a pirate map and find buried treasure?

Keep doing your bugclub reading and the games and activities but most importantly, enjoy each others company.

Take care everyone. Stay safe and happy.

Mr F.