Morning all! Hope you are all well?

Bit of a change in plan for the activities this week: The whole week’s activities will appear here today and they all share the same theme – music. Don’t worry, there is enough scope for you to continue to explore and bring your own tastes to the learning and to follow your own lines of inquiry. If you want to explore more than I have suggested, feel free – that’s what the internet is for. Go off and seek answers to your own questions and find a different angle to research… Other than these activities, don’t forget to keep reading and recording your reflections in your Reading & Contact book. For maths, keep playing Prodigy! It’s great fun and you should be able to boss all of the questions they ask you to answer – we’ve covered them all in class.

Monday 20th April – Today it’s all about finding out about the structure of music. Use the BBC Bitesize website and explore all of the different options on the main page here:

Tuesday 21st April – Again today, we are finding out about the technical side of music. Use your Espresso login and explore the Key Stage Two music pages. Have fun!

Wednesday 22nd April – Today we are going to explore different forms (genres) of music and give our opinion about them. I would like you to use the internet and your parents’/carers’ music collection and have a listen to some different kinds of music. What do you like? What do your parents/carers like? Ask them! Explore the following genres for starters and build a page (in Word or on paper or some other means) to record what you think. Maybe you could build a fact file for each musical genre – when it started, where it originated, famous artists, which instruments it uses, what you think of it, and so on. Start with these styles: blues, rap, rock, classical, soul, country & western, world music, gospel, reggae and dance. There’s ten to get you going! Involve your family and ask them to share with you what they like. Good luck and enjoy!

Thursday 23rd April – Now it’s time to focus. You explored lots of different musical styles yesterday but which was your favourite? Today is your chance to explore what you like. Maybe you want to explore a particular genre of music or maybe you want to specialise even further than that and focus on a particular artist. You choose! Choose what you want to focus on then design a poster, telling your reader (explanation) all about that musical style or artist. Include lots of detail and be an expert – you will need to include dates, facts & figures, precise information and pictures to make sure you keep your audience informed and entertained. I can’t wait to do this one – I’m sure you will enjoy it too!

Friday 24th April. Now it’s time to create our own music. You know what you like and you appreciate other musical genres so let’s use that and make our own. Here’s three websites to explore and try some different techniques out: – I had loads of fun with this one, especially putting the different items of clothing on the characters to build my own track.

BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies. It gives you the option to choose from lots of different instruments and layer them onto the arrangement page to play simultaneously and make a tune. It’s great fun again!

Through the App store – Song Maker is a free app that allows you to take samples of instruments and put them together to create your own song. On this app, you can also record your own sound effects to add.

Have fun everyone! There are some great activities here to explore. If you really enjoy them, spend even longer on them and become an expert. Have a good week, miss you all,

Mr Hankin