Hello All and happy first of the month to you!

We hope you had a good Tuesday at home? Maybe you tried the activity from yesterday or enjoyed the story posted? We had a super day in school! The children explored paint with marbles, torches,made fruit chocolate kebabs, and so many decisions about their water play; even the stick insects had lots of attention! Here are a few photos:

Could you explore with a torch at home? What happens if you put something over the end of your torch or you shine it through something that has holes in it like a colander??

Or perhaps you could make your own fruit kebab and melt some chocolate to go over it? Delicious!

Ella created a story by drawing a picture and adding some toys. She moved the toys to create this story:

Ella’s story (Mrs Penn wrote down exactly what Ella said)

Once upon a time there was a Panda, the little one, 2 elephants: the mummy and the daddy, a Zebra and an elephant: nanny and Grandad.

Nanny and Grandad drived and drived and they came to a supermarket and then they went to all of the fruits and vegetables and then they went to pay for the strawberries, and they brought cucumbers and they choosed oranges. They cost 5000 dollars ! They forgot the 5000 dollars in their car. They stealed and they got pennies and came back to their car and they gave their pennies for the shopping, sweeties for the Little One! They went back to the car!

The End 

I wonder if you can create a story with your toys and perhaps your mummy or daddy or older sister or brother could write it for you!

It was lovely to get an email last night from Alfie. He has enjoyed lots of fun activities I especially like his weather map!

Maybe you could make some weather signs to  put up in your house each day?

Today’s story is “Handa’s Surprise” by Eileen Browne. We had Handa’s Hen a few days ago, this is another story about Handa and links to our fruit kebab making!

We hope that Wednesday is wonderful for you all

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman