Tuesday 5th January

Jan 5, 2021

Hello Everyone 

It was far too quiet in the classroom without you all laughing and enjoying learning together.

I am pleased that you all are safe and that we could talk to you all today over the telephone.

Tomorrow we hope to be able to see you all via google classroom or zoom so that we can share our group times together. I will phone you in the morning to let you know the times for your group sessions.

On Monday you were ALL amazing at retelling the story that we learnt last term… I wonder ?.. can you retell the story without the video? I know you can already do the voices. 


You will see links to the flash phonics and a number spinner game on our google classroom. I will keep adding links each day so that we can share our learning together.

If you have any problems at all getting onto the Google classroom site please do let us know by sending an email to the admin, or a message via the school gateway or by phoning the school. We will quickly reply.

Have a lovely evening. I look forward to seeing you on screen tomorrow.

Miss Butler