Good morning everyone!

We hope that you had a good Monday making each other laugh either with silly jokes or in other ways. Mr Franklin told these jokes in the Key worker group, who are working on a theme of Space, I hope they make you laugh:

How do you get an astronaut’s baby to sleep?                                                                                   

You rocket!

Why do astronaunts have such good parties?                                                                                       

They planet!

Have you any jokes you could share with us??

Today and tomorrow some  of the children from the foundation stage Base 2 will be in school. Here is a taster of some of the fun activities that you might like to try:


I wonder how many items you found to fill your small boxes and containers yesterday?

Today’s challenge is to go large!

Find a big box or container and find items that measure the same  size as your shoe or bigger! No item smaller than your shoe can be added to the box. Will you find less items now they are bigger or have you found a huge box??

Today is the last day for  Joyful June:

Make a list of the joys in your life and keep adding to that list!

Check this list each day to remind you that there will always be moments of joy!

The story today is:”Papa get the moon for me” by Eric Carle: The moon changes size in this story!


We wish you all a tremendous Tuesday!

Mrs Penn and mrs Heap and Mrs coleman