Hello and Good Morning Everyone.  What a wonderful Monday we had,  it was such a clear and bright day. I finished looking after my plants before heading into work. It was a great delight to open my emails and discover all of the experiments and art explorations you have been engaged with last week and over the weekend.

Look at these explorations, they are Fantastic …I LOVE to look at your faces and your excitement.


I also opened a wonderful email from Mrs Heap…Ching Ching has been having more adventures at her house.  He has been baking! just like lots of you in your houses. He has sent us a bread recipe. If and when you find the ingredients, you might want to try and make some bread like Ching Ching.

Mrs Penn said that Ella from Base 2 has also sent in a bread recipe that she has made at home . Just look on Base 2 home learning if you want another bread recipe without yeast and strong flour.  See which recipe suits you.

ENJOY the video of Ching Ching and Mrs Heap cooking. It will make you smile. I hope you enjoyed making your bread today click  the blue for a pictorial recipe.

Today’s story is a Story Square by an author you know!

Have a quick read and maybe it will inspire you to tell a story and draw pictures. Remember a Story Square is a story that your child tells you…You just write down their words EXACTLY as they say them!..We usually act out these stories at school but I will keep  all of the stories I have sent until we all return to school.  You could have a story show at home and let them act out the story they have told… ENJOY. 

My Story is called Castle and the Beast 

When the car comed and the teeth comed and a lip comed and then an eye comed jumping and a number Jack called 3 and 4 . 4 is the blue one, 3 is the pink one and the red one. And then a baby comed, a little one without a mummy her name was a Lydia.  And then a beautiful big, big, big, big, big, big butterfly comed and then some shorts and then suddenly a fish comed.  Written by Rosie age 3

Have a lovely Tuesday and enjoy your time together exploring new learning. Keep Smiling and Keep Safe. Miss Butler, Mrs Breakwell and Miss Lofthouse.