Hello everyone!

It’s far too nice weather this week to stay inside on computers so lets get outside on a minibeast safari this week (safely, keeping our distances!). It is going to be sunny, so sun hats and sun cream might be a good idea.

Rather than just go out and find Minibeasts, lets see if we can be Minibeast scientists. The first thing we need as scientists is a question-

Where do minibeasts like to live?

We can start by making sure we know what a minibeast is and then decide which mini beasts we want to find out about. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z6882hv/articles/z9fkwmn     put this into your search engine and it will give you a clip explaining what a minibeast is.

Today, you could make your own chart, with labelled drawings of the minibeasts we are think we might find or that we spot on our first safari.

Tomorrow, we can plan how we are going to answer our question. Thursday, we can collect our DATA (data is the information we are going to use to answer our question) and Friday we can ANALYSE it (look at it carefully to see what it tells us).

So get spotting, getting drawing and have fun hunting.

This week’s Math’s focus is about another problem booklet that you can be talking through together. It is here. 2018 reasoning

The first five questions are ones you talk through together. Here is a script if you want to use it (or you could make up your own questions if you want That would be an interesting activity!)

  1. What is twenty add two add two?
    Write your answer in the box.
  2.  I am thinking of a number.
    It has four tens and two ones.
    Write my number in the box.
  3.  Look at the circle.
    Part of the circle is shaded.
    Tick the fraction below that shows the shaded part of the circle.
    Put your tick in the box by the correct fraction.
  4.  Turn the page over and look at question 4.
    There are thirteen marbles in a jar.
    The jar can hold twenty marbles.
    How many more marbles can ft in the jar?
    Write your answer in the box.
  5.  Write the same number in both boxes to make the
    multiplication correct.


Have fun learning together.

Stay Safe

All the best

Mr F.


All the best

Mr F.