Hello everyone!

What a very windy day Monday turned out to be! At one point I noticed that my washing nearly blew over the fence! Thank heavens for strong pegs!

I know that very often on a windy day at school lots of you are keen to make kites. You can have so much fun making a kite; all you need is:

Paper (any paper a page from an old news paper or magazine would do), scissors tape and  string or ribbon

Draw a picture or pattern on your paper or cut out the shape you would like your kite to be and then colour it in or, if you have any you, could stick on some stickers or pictures you have cut out!

Attach the string with tape making sure it is secure. You choose whether you would like long or short string!

Take it outside run very fast and see if your kite flies behind you!

This  short video shows another way to make a kite with some simple folds


Kites can also be easy made from a paper plate or a paper bag!

Why not have a try at making your own kite! Let me know how you get on!

The wind is not a great mover of washing on the line but also of bubbles!

Why not have some bubble fun in your outside space. You can make bubble mixture easily with water and washing up liquid and you can make bubble wands with pipe cleaners or cake/cookie cutters! Are bubbles always the same shape! Are they still a sphere even if you use a star or square? Can you keep whisking the bubble and water mixture to make bubble foam? Does bubble foam float on the wind?

I have chosen a story by Nick Sharratt “Shark in the park on a Windy day!”


Take care all, we may have some more science fun for you tomorrow

Mrs Coleman, Mrs Penn and Mrs Heap