Thursday 7th January – Year 4 Remote Learning

Jan 7, 2021

Morning Year 4!

I hope you are all okay.  We are missing you in class!

I have had some great conversations with both yourselves and your parents via telephone calls, e-mails, text messages and Google Classroom.

It would be great if you would send me some pictures of what you have been doing at home with a sentence about it.  These do not need to be linked to suggested activities I have been setting.  It could be enjoying breakfast with your family, helping around the house…

You can upload these via the website, e-mail the school or add this to our Google Classroom homepage so everyone in our class can see them.

Below are some suggested activities:

Maths – Addition and Subtraction Vocabulary

Maths – Addition and Subtraction

Spelling – History words in a sentence.

Spelling – History Words in a Sentence

Writing – Features of Instructional Texts

Writing – Features of Instructional Text

Creative – Triangle Challenge

Maths – Triangle Challenge

If you are using Google Classroom remember…

  • It automatically saves so you can leave an activity and go back to it later.
  • You need to ‘Turn In’ your work but you have to have completed all the tasks you want to do before doing it.
  • Please use our ‘Stream’ page as a way of communicating to your friends.

Speak soon!

Mrs Cousins