Good morning base 2,

We are now on day 4 of home learning and I hope all is going well.  As I keep saying, please make sure you are taking regular breaks and are learning some new home skills to support the rest of your family.

Luca, James and I have been doing Joe Wicks – well James has, Luca runs around and my bump doesn’t seem to let me do half of the exercises but I do what I can.  However, we are making the most of the nice weather and go into the garden for fresh air and to explore (Luca likes to watch the ants – he tries to eat them though!).

For today I would like you to complete the following:


Following on from yesterday’s learning of ‘Synonyms and Antonyms’,  I would like you to complete the word web attached below.  From the book you are reading you need to choose three words (try and choose some challenging words) and place them in the middle of each web.  You then need to research synonyms of these words.

I would like you to then rewrite the sentence your chosen word has come from and try replacing it with a synonym. Repeat this twice for each web.

Discuss the following questions with your family at home:

*Does the sentence have the same effect on you?

*Does the word change the information to mean something else?

Word Web

Maths – Please go onto:

Discovery Education > KS2 > Maths > Addition and Subtraction (lower) > Videos > Mental calculations: subtraction.

  • Start by watching the video.
  • Click on activities.
  • Complete two of the subtraction activities depending on how comfortable you feel with it.

> Please continue with your reading.

> Please continue with your times table practise.


> Please continue with your Easter project.

>  Don’t forget to see what Harold has been up to:

Make sure you let me know how you are getting on or even upload some photos.

If you have any questions, please contact the school via their e-mail address and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take care, Mrs Cousins.