Good Morning all

We trust that you all had a good Wednesday! It was my turn to work in school yesterday and I had a very busy fun day! I managed a few phone calls to chat with you and I will try to make some more on Friday. When I got home I looked at some lovely emails and photos and as ever we are so humbled and proud of how our families are managing this time sensibly, keeping each other happy and safe being the priority, but also trying some of our activities as well as coming up with your own! One mum wrote this in her email  “ I’ve really been noticing how so many things we do together or ……… does solo are actually all aiding his learning and development.”

Mrs Heap reminded me of a rhyme that she enjoys singing with you at school and she has made this rhyme sheet for you! Please click the blue writing to open. This Rhyme comes with an activity make have fun!

The Bear went over the Mountain

Did you listen to the story of “Rosie’s Hat” yesterday? If you missed it please go back and view  the link from yesterday as it is a great story. I suggested that you create a journey or an adventure for one of your toys or indeed your hat, did you manage this? Do you think you could draw me a picture your story. If you fold some paper in half and then into quarters you can draw 4 pictures to represent your story. Or perhaps you could create a story map to show the journey your toy went on. Did your story involve a rescue ? Was it a fire fighter , a super hero, a  police officer or a member of your family who came to the rescue?

Here are some photos sent to me about your story making:

I was working in school yesterday and we played lots of games outside but one game that Mrs Breakwell invented was so much fun! She hid different colour wool strips (they were pretending to be worms!) in trees and bushes 20 green, 20 pink and 20 blue and then in teams we had to find them it was quite hard but great fun! In the end we found all but 1 pink one. We should have found 60 but found 59! You could play this game with your family inside or outside. You could choose the number and the colour each member of your family has to find!!

Today’s story is the one I read yesterday to children aged 5-9years old and they really loved it! As you listen to the story can you decide whether it is a fiction story which means: it is not real someone used their imagination or do you think it is non-fiction: this is real it could really happen?


As this story involves a picnic why not make a miniature picnic so your favourite toys can join you!

(Grown ups will need to support this activity but let your child cut up the fruits themselves)

you will need small containers like egg cups, lids, shells

Cut up some fruits and vegetables to fit in the small containers

make small sandwiches using small cookie cutters!

We hope you have a good Thursday

Mrs Heap, Mrs Penn and Mrs Coleman