T2T and HL activities : Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Write a My News piece about your weekend. Start with an exclamation sentence ‘What a great weekend I had!” to engage your audience and then give lots of who, where, when, what details.

Read your bug club book.

On your book choosing day, choose a book together from our book crates and start to fill in your reading record for the week.

In Time to Think, Plan which Home Learning challenge you would like to do together this week.

And, just for this week:

Talk homework:

How do we know if we are making good choices?


Can you read, write and spell the 12  months of the year?

Can you arrange them in the correct order?


How many different ways can you show what half of 12 is?


Draw and write about the character that you want to be in Our Christmas Performance.

What do you want your character to look like?

What is your character like? How do you know? What do they do?