School closure – Remote learning

Jan 5, 2021

Hi all.

Hi and good morning everyone. As you will be aware, our school is closed after the Prime Minister’s announcement last night. I am so pleased we managed to have a chat yesterday about what might happen in future – well it happened a bit sooner than we talked about! All of our learning will be presented through Google Suite so head over there now and access the learning that will be shared each day.

The tasks to complete today are:
1. Get your holiday home learning activities finished and ready. They were going to be marked today anyway.
2. Look at the multiplication tables list I gave you yesterday, tick off what you can do on the list then learn the first one you find a bit tricky, in order from left to right. Use the techniques we talked about yesterday to help you.
3. Leave me a message on my post from earlier today on Google Suite saying hi, so I know you can access it.

Either Mr Lee or I will be in touch via telephone today to see if you’re alright. Look after yourself and your family, give them a big cuddle, be good and … I miss you all! Our school is just a building without you. Speak later…

Mr Hankin