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Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

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So much learning and fun!

We are continuing to enjoy so many activities with many learning opportunities and chances to wonder together whilst talking about our thoughts in both our nursery and reception classes.

The reception children are developing their phonic skills ,writing skills and early mathematical skills during small group times and having a fantastic time exploring and extending their skills as they explore the continuous provision both inside and outside.

The nursery children have helped settle new children who joined our setting in Janaury 2024 and keenly embraced lots of learning opportunities. These included bringing in baby photos and talking about the things they can do now compared to when they were babies. The addition of real baby items really enhanced the role play. We have continued to enjoy some PE sessions and forest school times. Throughout the nursery sessions adults play with the children and find ways to develop children’s areas of interest; which has included clay work, painting activities and tough tray provision.

Gymnastics impact day

Year 4 took part in a gymnastics impact day with Miss Brown from Newton Abbot College. The children experienced using different equipment and learned to play ‘the floor is lava’ on the wall bars. The class learned how to roll, stretch and jump on and off spring boards, benches and vaults.

WCET Instrumental Sessions

This term, year 4 are having music lessons with Kip, our peripatetic music teacher.  They are learning to play the ukuleles and had their first lesson on Wednesday. On Friday 1st March the children will be showcasing their musical talents at the Torbay Music Festival.  More information to come.





Remembrance Event

On Friday, year 3 took part in a whole school Remembrance Event.  Year 3 shared their class poem before planting their poppies.  The poppies will place in the grounds at Penn Inn roundabout for everyone to see.

Year 3 Remembrance Poem November 2023

When I Remember

When I remember…

I am broken, I need help!

I see less colours of life in fields.

I hear lightning gun shots and whirling helicopters.

I wonder, is there going to be another war?

I dream everybody is safe.

I feel petrified.

I hope I am brave.



Poppy Making

On Thursday, year 3 participated in a poppy making project.  This was ahead of our Remembrance Event on Friday.  All the children participated, made a poppy and reflected on its meaning.  As well as making a poppy, the children spent all week rehearsing their class poem called ‘When I Remember…’  that they will be performing.



Foundation Stage Fun Autumn 1!

This half term has flown by! We have been settling new children into our foundation stage unit. We have been getting to know each other and enjoying exploring our environment inside and outside.


What an amazing start to our relationship building and learning!

Year 1 Maths

What amazing mathematicians we have in year 1!

In year 1 we have been developing our knowledge of counting and place value of 2-digit numbers. We have used big base to represent and compare 2-digit numbers and secure our understanding of place value. This has enabled us to use ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ when talking about numbers and ‘bigger than’, ‘smaller than’ to compare numbers.










Welcome Back!

We have had such a great time getting to know one another on our first week back!

We have be enjoying our new class and spending time with each other again.  We have been developing core skills and working collaboratively with our class peers and Year 4.

We are looking forward to continuing this over the next few weeks.

Talking Turns Project

Last week, Michael from Paddle Boat Theatre Company, came in to school to support Year 3 with their poetry writing.  Based on Vincent Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’, the children spent the first day bringing the painting to life creating soundscapes and acting out what could be happening in the scene.

On the second day, the children used their learning from the previous session to start recording ideas and thoughts for their poems.  They used their senses to describe what was happening and enhanced their writing by including adjectives, similes and metaphors.

School Sports Partnership

Mr Patchett from the School Sports Partnership came in to school this week to hold an impact day.  The children engaged in a variety of cricket activities that supported their development of skills.  They  enjoyed worked with partners and in groups to practise ball skills and team work.