Hello folks

I hope everyone is well and happy?

I’m so excited! It is not long now until we all come back together. I’m going to shave the beard off to celebrate!

I’ll be phoning everyone over the next couple of weeks to make sure everyone is comfortable and confident coming back in and to find out what sorts of things everyone wants to do while they are here. The most important thing will just be being together and sharing all of the stories, memories thoughts and feelings that this time has given to us all.

This week, let’s go to space! We looked at Planets back in January, so lets look at what else is out there. While I was planning this, I realised that circles are really important if we want to do space based activities, so the first couple of activities are based around understanding these.

Here is a list of suggestions for things you could have fun doing together. Let me know how they go!

Measuring circles- circle sheet- How big are the circles? How could you measure them?

circles sheet.docx

circle vocabulary- centre, radius, diameter, circumference, What do these words mean? 

Circle vocabulary

Where can you see or find circles in the world around you?

Moon? Sun?- are these really circles?

Drawing circles-

How can you draw nice neat circles?

freehand- around objects?- using compass? – with a piece of string?

Can you draw circles of a certain size?

Cutting out circles- Can you cut the circles you have drawn?
Making cones and cylinders – instructions


What could you do with a cone once you’ve made it?

Making model Saturn V – picture or  SpaceEx rockets- picture

Can you use your circle, cones and cylinder making skills to build a model of one of these rockets?

Make a Papier mache space helmets.-


Have a watch and a listen to my all time favourite video.

Toys in space- do toys work in space?

Have a look at this website to find out?


Spaceman portraits- take a photo of your own face – use it to design space suit.
Constellations- create own constellations- what would you call them?

Star dot to dot- what constellations can you create? star map

Space spelling words. – spelling list.Space words.docx
Space books – going into Space – Bug club
Model space stations- Could you make a model of this?

What do you need? – plan it.