Monday 22nd January 2021 – Year 4 Activities

Jan 25, 2021

Good morning year 4!

How was your weekend?

I really hope you enjoyed your Science week and exploring different light sources in your home.

This week is your Art week and the theme is ‘Self-Portrait’, but with a slight twist.  We will be learning about our outer and inner selves, ourselves as animals and about the ‘Hold Still’ project launched by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.


Last week we reminded ourselves of our number bonds.  We also practised three different methods to add and subtract.  These were:

  • Number Bonds
  • Counting and Adjusting
  • Partitioning to Add
  • Counting backwards using a numberline

This week I will be giving you activities to consolidate (join) your learning.  Today’s activity is one-step addition and subtraction word problems.  There are different chilli’s to choose from depending on how confident you are feeling.

Maths – Addition and Subtraction

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

  • Investigating art vocabulary.
  • Exploring words with the prefix bi-.
  • Purple Mash – Frank’s Clever Window

GSP – Bi- Word Problems

Spelling – Art Words

Art – Inner Self-Portrait

Art – Inner Self-Portrait

Reading – Morpurgo Group at 1:30pm

Remember today, on Google Classroom, we will be having our class video chat at 9:30am. The link will be on our Stream Page.  We will also have our class daily story at 2:15pm.

See you later.

Mrs Cousins