Hello Everyone!

We hope that you enjoyed the weekend! What beautiful weather we have had! We managed our first walk on a the beach on Saturday evening and we saw this:Somebody had made a little boat from wood with a little mast and flowers around it. I think they left it for the sea to take it off on a journey; I wonder where it will travel too? Did you try the floating and sinking activity in Friday’s post ? Perhaps you have made a boat?

As ever it is so good to receive emails and photos from you! Learning is happening in all the activities you do at home. We have seen you cooking and now I can see that you are excellent at helping with DIY projects! obviously when using real tools you need your mum or dad to work with you. In these photos Cyrus worked with his mum to make a chest of drawers what an achievement!

Keep on enjoying building with construction kits. Planning and connecting these kits or balancing blocks will help you gain the control and skills you will eventually need to build big objects even furniture!

While I was talking to my friends on a video call this weekend I noticed that on the wall behind my friend was a lovely collage of a sunshine. It is made of colored stones and connected with metal, I suppose this is a  sculpture picture?

Challenge: Can you create your own sunshine you could find objects to lay on the floor to make you sunshine (no glue is needed) it could be big or small? You could draw a sunshine to show me. Core radial drawings are important developmental stage as children develop their pen skills.

The story I have chosen today is about an echo. It is called “Little Beaver and The Echo!” I hope you enjoy the story.


Mrs Heap wondered if you recognised the places Ching Ching visited on the sheet we posted on Friday? Why not send her message either via the website or through “admin@haytorview.devon.sch.uk”

Take care Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman