Hello All

Did anyone get down to Decoy park yesterday? If you did, I’m sorry I did not get to see you but I hope you had a lovely time. It was a glorious sunny day with lots to see.

This week is all about maps and so today you could look at a map of our town.

The trick to using the map is to ORIENTATE it. (orientate means to get the map pointing in the same direction as the things on the ground.) We can do this by finding something on the map that we know. The thick green line is the main road and might be a good thing to use.

Once you’ve done this, can you work out where our school is? Can you work out where you live?

Then, can you find the church where we all go together to celebrate. You could follow the roads we walk along. I’ll give you a clue. It’s got a cross on it.

How many other churches can you find? Can you work out what the other symbols might be? What do you think the thick black line is and what is the red dot?

What else can you find on the map? Can you find places you have been to? Can you discover new places you might like to go and explore? The hill fort at the top of the hill might be interesting.

Please keep doing your bug club. Reading is the most important skill we can develop as it allows us to get ideas from people we will never even meet. It is also a wonderful way to entertain ourselves as we can visit places, times and situations that we will never get to experience in real life.

Maths focus this week is reminding ourselves and keeping in practice with our calculating strategies. A set of straight forward calculation problems are here 2017 calculations.  If you choose to use these, please do not treat these as an activity for your child to do on their own, be comfortable sitting and talking with them about how they would work out the answers, get them to think about what they already know, what models they could think about to help them and how they could represent the problem in pictures and if they can come up with a story for the problem. I’ve attached a sheet we use in school to help structure those conversations.maths conversation sheet.

I’ve also attached a photograph of the working wall where all the things we have learned to do was on display to prompt memories. Get your children to tell you what is shows them.

Please keep reading the letters we are sending out about our plans for reopening. We really want you to get in touch and tell us what you think and feel so we can make sure the plans are the best they can be.

Stay safe and stay happy and we will all be back together soon.

All the best

Mr F.








Mr F.