Hello all.

It looks like it might be a fine day today, so I’m hoping you will be able to get out outside to play. If not you could always try some of the games on this website, http://www.papg.com/ All you need to play them is some paper and a pencil.

For those of you who are accessing this website regularly and using it to inform your daily activities, today could be about preparing and cooking a healthy balanced meal for you and your family.

Activities that could be done today might be

  • A quick risk assessment- What might cause you to be hurt doing this activity and so what will you do to make sure you don’t get hurt?
  • Do you need to measure any ingredients? What equipment do you use to measure things when you are making a meal? What UNITS do they measure in?
  • Could you write a recipe – a set of instructions so someone else could do exactly the same meal if they wanted to?

This weeks maths focus is all about telling the time, so if you are cooking, you might want to work out what time you have to prepare the elements for your meal.

Make sure you are completing the BugClub activities fully so I can set you new ones but most importantly, Keep reading! It does not matter what you enjoy reading as long as you are doing it daily. If you need things to read  I am updating BugClub with new books for anyone who finishes what they have already been allocated.

Tomorrow, I will give you an evaluation sheet where you can capture your thoughts and feelings around your learning this week. Friday is also Jobs and Jokes day, so start thinking about some great jokes to share and what job you would like to help out with around the house next week.

Take care, stay safe and do things which make you happy!

All the best

Mr F.