Hello all.

I hope you are all well and happy?

Thank you to everyone who is sending in photos of what you are doing together at home. It is great to see you smiling and having fun.

How has your Bug hunting been going? Have you found lots of minibeasts?

Yesterday, I suggested we could start recording where we find different minibeasts. Do they prefer dark places or light places? Do they live in dry places or wet places?

Today I’m going to challenge you to find specific creatures. Do you now know what sort of places to look to find them?

Where would you look to find

  • woodlice
  • snail
  • ant
  • spider
  • centipede
  • worm
  • ladybird
  • butterfly
  • caterpillar
  • beetle

As well as Bughunting, make sure you are doing your bug club reading!

Tomorrow, I will give you an evaluation sheet where you can capture your thoughts and feelings around your learning this week. Friday is also Jobs and Jokes day, so start thinking about some great jokes to share and what job you would like to help out with around the house next week.

Take care, stay safe and do things which make you happy!

All the best

Mr F.