Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Haytor View

Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together ~ enjoying success ~ aiming high ~ celebrating difference ~ enriching community

Hello all.

I hope everyone is well and happy and have had a great weekend? Has anyone got a ‘My News’ sheet for me?

The weekly website seems to have worked as no one has let me know it doesn’t work for them, so here is another set of ideas for this week all based around Birds.

The week will have a maths activity, a reading activity, writing opportunities and a topic focus, just like always, but the topic focus will be given in one go at the beginning of the week rather than daily

The Maths focus is to talk through this booklet. .2019 calculations Don’t rush to find the answers. Spend time exploring what methods and models work best for you to help you find the answer.  It is better to explore one problem really deeply and fully understand it than it is to ‘do’ them all quickly.

Bug Club books are up dated as and when they are finished, so please keep reading these until you are fluent and then complete the activity. If you write your answers fully, I will reply. I’ve attached a reading activity booklet if you wanted to have a go at it together. 2018 reading 1  Get your child to read it with you and then ask them the questions and talk about the answers and how you found them. Have fun with these. We do!

The birds activities and some helpful bits and pieces are here.

Planning Sheet: Birds : Some ideas for activities

Putting feathers on a Phoenix- art activity- Draw a phoneix outline and then make feathers to cover it.

What do feathers look like? How can we make our creations look like feathers? What techniques can we use? What materials could we use? Can we make them symmetrical? How should we/could we attach the feathers?



Bird spotting- which birds might we see in our gardens?

birds identification chart> which birds are their most of? Tally each one -> creating bar chart to present what you have found out.

Leading to – create a HTV bird spotting guide.- draw pictures of each bird you spot and explain how we know what it is when we see it.

Building a nest- collect twigs, build nests like birds- no glue or tape- ‘best’ nest?- How will we decide which nest is best?  
Fat balls  
Bird feeders- pop bottles, string, dowel or wooden spoons, bird seed- RISKS- cutting and making holes- some bird feeds might have nuts.

Images to give you a bit of inspiration are below.

Bird nest cakes- planning them, working out what is needed, making, evaluating them leading to writing a recipe.  
Bird word spelling: spelling list  
Papier Mache Birds  
Finding Bird’s nest webcams on intenret  
Bird books on Bugclub  
Bird Stories: Can you find any bird stories? What about stories about a phoenix?  


Have fun with all of this and let me know how you get on!

Stay safe and happy.

All the best

Mr F.