First of all – thank you! Thanks for making our first week back together so enjoyable. I had a great time seeing you all again and it sounds like you had a decent time too seeing your friends in school and having a bit of a laugh – oh and doing some learning too! Thank you for following the social distancing rules – I know it can be difficult but you did a great job of sitting apart in class, trying hard to not touch your face and washing your hands thoroughly before and after every transition. It’s tough, I know, but you did it! As a result, you kept yourself and others safe, so thank you and well done!

Thank you again for the attitude to learning you brought to school with you. It’s been tricky being away from school for 10 weeks so you’re bound to forget some things. It was such a great experience for me this week, seeing you lot as great learners recognise where your understanding was a little rusty, then face up to that challenge and accept the fact that you got something wrong and tell yourself that you noted the mistake and didn’t want to let it happen again. That’s what brilliant learners do! You are brilliant learners!

Whichever day you were in school this week with your small group, you did the same learning as the other children who came into school on different days. Home learning activities are the same for you all too. They are as follows:

Maths – the calculation sheet I handed out

Science – Animal classification profiles for two animals of your choice – just like the ones we looked at in class. Kingdom, phylum, class, order etc

History – research education and learning in Ancient Greece

Reading – The First News crossword and comprehension you were given.

Four learning activities for four remote learning days out of school. All of the remote learning opportunities were practised during your contact day in school then you took the activities home in a plastic wallet. Please make sure you have a go at them and bring them in with you next week on your contact day in school. If any parents of the small number of children who didn’t come in, would like a home learning pack for their child, just get in touch via telephone or email with our Office Team. There have been a couple of requests so far and I have made sure the learning pack was ready at the office when the parent/carer pulled up outside.

So enjoy the remote learning activities, have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you again next week. Look after each other and keep yourselves safe,

Mr Hankin