Friday 21st January 2021

Jan 22, 2021

Good morning and YIPPEE it’s Friday!

I really hope you have all had an amazing week exploring light through your science work.

I know remote learning is difficult and at times hard when you need quiet, help, share a device or just get stuck. Yet you are all working so hard and you have all made me feel extremely proud of you.

I would love you all to have a fabulous weekend and give your patient grown-ups a rest too!

The suggested learning for today is very creative –

Dictionary skills

Dictionary skills

Shadow Drawing

Shadow drawings


Tessellation challenge

Make your own ice cream

Creative – Make Your Own Ice-Cream

Our meetings on Google Classroom today will be –

Class catch up at 11:30.

Africa guided reading group 1:10.

Story time 2:00.

Have a brilliant day,

Mrs Brown