Hello everybody!

We hope that you had a good Thursday? The rain changed the feel of the day but the gardens and the things we are growing appreciated this! Have you managed to try any of this week’s challenges perhaps making some crumble to have with custard or ice-cream, or have you looked closely at what happens when you left celery sticks in  coloured water,did you make a potion?? If not you could try some these over the weekend they are all on the web pages from this week!

Joyful June activities for the next 3 days:

Friday: create a list together of some memories that make you smile!

Saturday: do something fun all together today

Play hide and seek! Make sure the seeker counts to 20 before coming to find you! You can play in your house or in your outside space!

Sunday: Enjoy trying a new recipe or cook your favourite food (dad’s and grandad’s might like to choose their food favourite today!)

Every Friday I play a game of bingo on the whats app video with my family across the country and it is great fun! You could play bingo with your family too! You can play all kinds of bingo: colours, numbers, letters, superheros Here is a simple video to show you how to make a simple grid. You could make a small grid at home to play this game.


Today’s story is: Everybody has a body by Jon Burgerman.

Challenge: can you draw your own shaped character like the author of this book suggests! We would love to see them so please send us a photo.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend with some time in the sunshine  but if it continues to be rainy still explore outside with your wellie boots on and maybe use your umberella too!

Mrs Penn, Mrs Heap and Mrs Coleman